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10 easy home remedies to stop bleeding on injury or cut

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Bleeding is common when an injury occurs, cuts, or accidents. Excess bleeding from the body can result in death. Therefore, it is important that in case of any such accident, it is very important to stop the flowing blood immediately. We are telling you some easy home remedies to stop blood, through which you can help the victim.

Easy ways to stop blood

Try to stop the blood

  • Place a clean cloth or cotton on the cut or wound and press it vigorously until the bleeding stops.
  • If something is penetrated inside, do not remove it. Continue to apply pressure by tying a cloth over it.
  • If the wound is on the arm or leg, lift it upwards to reduce bleeding.
  • Wash your hands again before cleaning and dressing the wound and after giving first aid.
  • Do not apply any cream until the bleeding is severe and stops with direct pressure.

Clean the wound or injury

  • After this, gently clean with soap and warm water. Try rubbing soap from the wound to prevent irritation.
  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide or iodine, which can damage the tissue.

Cover the wound or injury with bandage

Apply antibiotic cream to cover with a bandage to reduce the risk of infection.

  • Change the bandage daily to keep the wound clean and dry.

Home remedies to stop blood

Ice to stop blood

To stop bleeding, immediately apply ice to the place of injury. Skin temperature increases with the use of ice and blood clots begin to freeze. You can also submerge the injured area by adding cold water and ice to a bowl. The bleeding will stop immediately.

Tea bag

You can also use a T-bag to stop bleeding, to use it, immerse a tea bag in water and apply it on the injured area. Tea bag contains plenty of tannin content.

Aloe vera

If the bleeding is not stopping from your injury, immediately cut an aloe vera leaf and take out its gel. Now put it on your injury. By doing this, the bleeding will stop immediately.

Turmeric to stop blood

Old people say that applying turmeric in place of the wound stops bleeding immediately. They are right. Turmeric prevents blood clotting along with stopping blood. It also reduces the risk of infection in the wound.

When to go to the doctor

The wound is deep or the edges are jagged or open.
Person has a wound on his face
There is dirt or debris in the wound that will not come out.
There are many symptoms with the lesion such as redness, tenderness or fever.
The area around the wound feels numb.
Red ridges are formed around the wound.
The wound is a result of an animal or human bite.
The person has a wound or deep cut and has not taken a tetanus shot in the last five years.

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