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Bhai Dooj 2019: Here

Gifting is a very personal thing and there can’t be any straightjacket rule on what to gift. So, if you are racking your brain over what to gift your brother this Bhai Dooj, worry not. We have your back. And even if you don’t like our recommendations, you can gift him whatever you were planning to gift him on his birthday.

Tried and Tested: Books, Chocolates, Wristwatch, T-shirt

Yes, this is the sector where we will talk about the tried-and-tested gifts which never fail. But they don’t have much innovation as well. You know your brother. You know his interests. If he is a nerd and a voracious reader, gift him a book. If he is a kid, gift him toys, chocolates. Then there are the easy options of gifting shirts, t-shirts, perfume, wrist-watch.

Movie Tickets

If you are up for some fun time after the rituals are done, why don’t you bring a twist and book a movie ticket followed/ preceded by lunch for your brothers? It will also save some kitchen time.

Personalised Gifts

This is not exactly a new trend, but you have to plan really ahead for this. There are some companies which can deliver personalised gifts at short notice. These are beautiful and thoughtful. Go for a coffee mug with a photo of the siblings. This will show how much you have thought about the gift as well.


Is your brother a Marvel fan? Then why not gift a Marvel memorabilia. Replace Marvel with Game of Thrones, Harry Potter etc. These merchandises really make cool gifts without chances of being duplicated.

Men’s grooming kit

No, we are not talking about the boring blue bag with shaving tools. A number of men’s grooming stores have come online. They have quirky gifts like beard catcher, beard shaper etc., etc. If your brother doesn’t have a beard, we are sure you will find something or the other in these stores.

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