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25 Kamran Jilani Photos With Family


Kamran Jilani can be considered as one of the most veteran actors in the Pakistani entertainment industry. He has been in the showbiz business for more than a decade now and hails from a family background that was already involved with the entertainment sector, namely his elder brother Adnan Jilani. Kamran Jilani has appeared in a number of drama serials and has starred alongside many popular and talented actors such as the late Abid Ali, Mawra Hocane, Adeel Hussain, and many others. Kamran Jilani is one of those actors who are very versatile when it comes to acting, he has played roles of a wide variety from the good guy to the bad husband to the evil hooligan of the neighborhood. And in all these roles, the only thing that is common is his perfection in executing the roles.

Apart from being an actor, Kamran Jilani is also a very loving husband to his wife Fatima Jilani, and has cute children who he loves to the core. He is a very dedicated family man. We have collected 25 photos of Kamran Jilani with his family for you to see.

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