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Another Couple Got Married At The Age Of 19


Another Pakistani couple got married at the age of 19. This is a good thing to hear that the upcoming generation is trying to follow Sunnah. Instead of wasting each other’s life by being in a time-pass relationship, they are getting married to live a halal relation. 

After Asad and Nimra, another young couple gave an interview telling their love story and how they got married. Ahmar fell in love with Hunza at his cousin’s wedding. He then tried to approach her to talk about his feelings. Ahmar, being a smart boy, involved his family and offered a marriage proposal to Hunza. 

Hunza completed her A levels while Ahmar recently finished his FA. Their family supported them, and they ended up with a married couple. Many youngsters meet new people, get attracted to them, start dating, and then get involved in a haram relationship. 

Hunza and Ahmar have this special message for all the viewers ”If you truly love someone, marry them!” Marriage will save you from the mistakes that you will regret in the future. 

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