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Beautiful Daughters of famous Pakistani Actors


All those Pakistani actors who are at the top right now have worked hard to reach there. There are no shortcuts to fame. It takes a lot of hard work and great commitment to get as far as these Pakistani actors have gotten. Even though these actors have dedicated a lot of their time to their careers but that has not stopped them from being great parents. Daughters are a blessing of God. All these actors love their daughters. Most of them go out of the way to spend quality time with them. Some of these top Pakistani actors just became parents few years back. All these actors are exceptional parents. They have also been kind enough to share the beautiful pictures with their daughters often on social media.

Here are some amazing pictures of some beautiful daughters of top Pakistani actors.

Shagufta Ijaz Daughters

Shagufta Ijaz is one of the best actresses of the Pakistani drama industry. Apart from being an actress, she is also a businesswoman who runs her own salon. Even with her busy schedule she always manages to take time out for his family. She has 3 beautiful daughters with whom she loves spending time with. Here are some beautiful pictures of Shagufta Ijaz with her daughters.

Shagufta Ijaz daughter Shagufta Ijaz1Shagufta Ijaz1 Shagufta Ijaz2Shagufta Ijaz2 Shagufta Ijaz3Shagufta Ijaz3

Sanam Jung Daughter

Sanam Jung is a proud mother of the most adorable daughter. Sanam was hosting the morning show when she conceived her daughter. She was always in the public eye and with all the weight gain yet she continued to host the show right till the end. Sanam Jung posts some of the most adorable pictures with her daughter on Instagram. Her daughter’s name is Alaya.

sanam jung 7sanam jung 7

sanam jung daughtersanam jung daughter sanam jung daughter1sanam jung daughter1

Sadia Imam Daughter 

Sadia Imam’s beautiful daughter Meerab is the apple of her eye. She has very often brought her daughter as a guest on morning shows. These two are already best friends. Meerab also looks a lot like her mother. Here are some beautiful pictures of Sadia Imam and her daughter.

Sadia Imam daughterSadia Imam daughter Sadia ImamSadia Imam Sadia Imam1Sadia Imam1

Shaista Lodhi Daughter

Shaista Lodhi is a wonderful mother who has always made sure that she spends quality time with her children. Shaista’s daughter’s name is Eman. She calls her daughter a reflection of herself, in fact, she considers her a better version of her.

Shaista LodhiShaista Lodhi Shaista Lodhi1Shaista Lodhi1

Fawad Khan Daughter

Fawad Khan is not just a most sought-after actor but he is also a good father. He has a beautiful daughter names Elayna. Here are some beautiful pictures of his daughter with his wife.

fawad khan daughterfawad khan daughterfawad khan 1fawad khan 1

Fiza Ali Daughter

Fiza Ali’s daughter Faraal is not just her daughter but also her best friend. Fiza and Firaal often make tik tok videos together and they are seen wearing the same outfits in pictures too. Faraal has been accompanying Fiza Ali to shows since she was a baby.

fiza ali 1fiza ali 1Fiza Ali Eid 3Fiza Ali Eid 3

Shahood Alvi Daughters

Shahood Alvi is an actor who is loved by all. He has two beautiful daughters one of whom was also seen acting in drama serial Anaa. His daughters’ names are Areeba Shahood and Areeja Shahood. Areeba Shahood’s performance in Anaa was loved by many. Here are some beautiful pictures of Shahood Alvi’s daughters.

shahood alvishahood alvi Shahood alvi1Shahood alvi1 shahood alvi2shahood alvi2 shahood alvi3shahood alvi3

Syra Yusef Daughter

Syra Yusef has the cutest daughter names Nooreh. Syra’s world revolves around her daughter and their pictures together are just adorable.

syrasyra syra1syra1 syra2syra2 syra3syra3

Adnan Siddiqui Daughters

Adnan Siddiqui is a proud dad of two beautiful daughters. He shared in an interview that his daughters were the most important part of his life. While he admitted that he wasn’t the best husband, he takes pride in the fact that he is an ideal father.

Adnan SiddiquiAdnan Siddiqui Adnan Siddiqui1Adnan Siddiqui1

Alizey Gabol Daughter

Although Alizey Gabol is known more for her modelling skills than her acting, she has acted in one of the leading films, therefore, it is safe to say that her acting career is off to a rocking start! AlizeyGabol also has the most adorable daughter, her name is Miraal.

alizeyalizey alizey1alizey1 alizey2alizey2

Ayeza Khan Daughter

Ayeza Khan is one of the most famous Pakistani actors. She has a massive fan following. Ayeza Khan has a beautiful daughter Hoorain Taimoor. Ayeza Khan makes sure that she spends quality time with her daughter. Hoorain was her firstborn therefore she is really special. Ayeza Khan often posts pictures with Hoorain. Hoorain loves dressing up and is extremely cute. Ayeza Khan is seen very often twinning with her daughter which is extremely cute.

hoorainhoorain hoorain1hoorain1 ayeza khan 31ayeza khan 31

Aiman Khan Daughter

Aiman Khan is a young mother who recently gave birth to an adorable baby girl. Aiman Khan’s daughter’s name is Amal Muneeb. Amal Muneeb has the most beautiful eyes and a cute chubby face. When Amal was born, the fans were dying to see her picture. Aiman Khan took her time sharing the baby’s photo. Now she posts pictures of Amal Muneeb more often.

aiman khanaiman khan aiman khan1aiman khan1 aiman khan2aiman khan2 aiman khan3aiman khan3

Mikaal Zulfiqar Daughters

Mikaal Zulfiqar is a proud dad of two adorable daughters. Mikaal loves spending time with his daughters. When they are together, they have the most fun. Mikaal’s pictures with his daughters show just how much fun they have together.

mikaal daughtermikaal daughter mikaal daughter1mikaal daughter1 mikaal daughter2mikaal daughter2

Saleem Sheikh Daughter

Saleem Sheikh ruled the small and the big screen for the longest time. Saleem Sheikh has a beautiful daughter who isn’t seen in the limelight often. Her name is Selena Saleem and she is seen on family functions quite often. Other than that Selena is hardly ever seen in the public in front of the cameras.

saleem sheikh daughtersaleem sheikh daughter saleem sheikh1saleem sheikh1 saleem sheikh2saleem sheikh2

Moammar Rana Daughter

Moammar Rana’s daughter isn’t just beautiful but she is also an incredibly talented young girl. Rea Moammar is a make-up artist. She gives make-up tutorials on her Instagram page and she also heads make-up workshops in different cities. Although Rea is quite young, she is already making a name for herself.

rea moammarrea moammar rea moammar1rea moammar1 rea moammar2rea moammar2 rea moammar3rea moammar3 rea moammar4rea moammar4

Noor Bukhari Daughters

Noor Bukhari has two beautiful daughters. Her older daughter Fatima is so close to her heart that in an interview she revealed that during her days of depression when she wanted to take her life, Fatima was the only reason why she decided to stay alive. Fatima is a cute little girl with a fun personality. Noor’s daughter keeps her going and seeing her happy makes Noor happy. Noor Bukhari never goes on holidays without her daughter. Noor recently gave birth to another beautiful baby girl.

noor bukhari 1noor bukhari 1

noor bukhari1 1noor bukhari1 1

noor bukhari2noor bukhari2

noor bukhari3noor bukhari3

noornoor noor1noor1

Javeria Saud Daughter

Javeria Saud’s beautiful daughter Jannat Saud is a sweet young girl. Jannat made her first appearance on television when she was really young. She is seen in different commercials with her mother every now and then otherwise she has not taken interest in acting yet. Jannat recently turned 13.




Faysal Qureshi Daughter

Faysal Qureshi’s daughter Hanish Qureshi is beautiful. She was in the news lately when she lost a lot of weight. There was also news that she might be seen on television soon. Hanish also did Imran Abbas’ make-up and styling for the drama Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hei. Hanish is really close to her father and we love their pictures together.





Shaan Shahid Daughters

Shaan Shahid has three adorable daughters who are all the same age. Shaan Shahid loves spending time with his daughter ever since they were babies. He takes pride in their achievements.

shaan shahid1shaan shahid1

shaan shahid2shaan shahid2

Nida Yasir Daughter

Nida Yasir’s daughter Silah Yasir has grown in front of the public eye. She has grown into a beautiful and stylish young girl. Silah Yasir was also seen in the drama Chup Raho.

silah yasir 2 1silah yasir 2 1silah yasir 1 1silah yasir 1 1silah yasir 3 1silah yasir 3 1Silah YAsir 9Silah YAsir 9

silah yasir1silah yasir1

Nadia Khan Daughter

Nadia Khan is a vivacious actress and host. She has a beautiful daughter Alizey Khan. Alizey Khan was recently seen with her mother at a wedding and she looked really attractive in black.

nadia khan daughternadia khan daughter

nadia khan daughter1nadia khan daughter1

Celebrity Daughters and Parents

Javeria Abbasi Daughter

Javeria Abbasi is another famous Pakistani actress who has starred in many popular dramas. Javeria Abbasi has a beautiful daughter, Anzela Abbasi. Anzela Abbasi has also worked in several dramas. Anzela Abbasi is a confident and attractive young girl who shares a strong bond with her mother.

anzela abbasianzela abbasi anzela abbasi1anzela abbasi1 anzela abbasi2anzela abbasi2 anzela abbasi3anzela abbasi3 anzela abbasi4anzela abbasi4

Asma Abbas Daughter

Asma Abbas’ stunning daughter Zara Noor Abbas is also a star. Zara Noor Abbas is gorgeous just like her mother and she is really passionate about her acting career. Zara Noor Abbas looks a lot like her mother. Zara Noor Abbas is often seen talking about body image in interviews since she faced a lot of criticism for being overweight when she joined the industry.

zara noor abbas 1zara noor abbas 1 zara noor 1zara noor 1 zara noor2zara noor2

Saba Faisal Daughter

Saba Faisal is a well-known Pakistani actress. Her daughter Sadia Faisal is also an actress. Sadia Faisal is beautiful just like her mother.

sadia faisalsadia faisal sadia faisal1sadia faisal1 sadia faisal2sadia faisal2 sadia faisal5sadia faisal5

Fauzia Mushtaq Daughter

Fatima Effendi is an actress just like her talented mother. Her mother always wanted her to put her studies ahead of her acting career therefore for quite some time she was acting and studying at the same time. Her mother has always been a big support for her.

fatima effendi3 1fatima effendi3 1fatima effendi2 1fatima effendi2 1fatima effendi1 1fatima effendi1 1

Saba Hameed Daughter

Saba Hameed’s daughter Meesha Shafi is attractive just like her. Meesha Shafi has a strong personality just like her mother and both of them are equally talented.

meesha1 1meesha1 1 meesha4 1meesha4 1 meesha5 1meesha5 1

Seemi Raheel Daughter

Seemi Raheel’s daughter Mehreen Raheel acted in some of the best dramas for years but later on, she decided to quit acting and dedicate her time to her family. Her mother Seemi Raheel has been acting for decades and she still continues to play memorable roles in dramas.

mehreen4mehreen4 mehreen raheelmehreen raheel mehreen raheel1mehreen raheel1 mehreen raheel2mehreen raheel2

Film Star Deeba Daughter

Film star Deeba was the biggest name of the Pakistani film industry when she was a young heroine. Her daughter Madiha Rizvi also chose the field of acting and she is a remarkable actress.

Madiha RizviMadiha Rizvi madiha rizvi1madiha rizvi1 madiha rizvimadiha rizvi

Fariha Jabeen Daughter

Fariha Jabeen’s daughter Amar Khan entered the showbiz industry only recently but she has already made a name for herself. Her mother Fariha Jabeen is also a superb actress and Amar is following in her footsteps.

amar khan1amar khan1 Amar khan 1Amar khan 1

Ismat Tahira Daughter

Ismat Tahira’s daughter Ushna Shah needs absolutely no introduction, she is one of the most recognized actresses of the Pakistani industry right now. She is the daughter of Ismat Tahira who was seen on television a lot back in PTV days.

ushna shah 1ushna shah 1 ushna shah1 1ushna shah1 1Ushna Shah 4Ushna Shah 4

Film Star Nisho Daughter

Nisho’s daughter Sahiba became as popular in the film industry as her mother. Even now she continues to grow as a famous YouTuber.

sahiba1sahiba1 sahiba2sahiba2

Rubina Ashraf Daughter

Rubina Ashraf is an experienced and talented actor who recently started directing dramas. Her daughter MinnaTariq made her television debut with hit drama serial Ruswai and was loved by many.

Minna tariqMinna tariq minna tariq1minna tariq1 minna tariq3minna tariq3

Natasha Hussain Daughter

Natasha Hussain has done modelling most of her life, recently she acted in the popular drama serial Ye Dil Mera. Her daughter Tanya Hussain also made her acting debut recently.

natashanatasha natasha1natasha1 natasha2natasha2 natasha3natasha3

Javed Sheikh Daughter

Javed Sheikh’s daughter Momal Sheikh is also a well-known actress. Both of them share the most special bond.

momalmomal momal1momal1