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China Accuses India of ‘Trespassing’ & ‘Building Defence Obstacles Illegally’ in Galwan Valley of Disputed Aksai Chin


Indian & Chinese Troops | Representational Image | (Photo Credits: IANS)

Beijing, May 18: Border tensions between India and China continue to rise after the neighbouring country on Monday accused Indian troops of “trespassing” in the Aksai Chin’s Galwan Valley region. Aksai Chin is a disputed region as it is controlled by Beijing, but New Delhi claims it to be part of India. China also accused India of “illegally building defence facilities” in the region. India & China Should Work Together in Resolving Border Issues, Fighting COVID-19, Says Chinese Foreign Ministry Days After Violent Clash at Sikkim Border.

The neighbouring country also enhanced control measures across the Indo-China border in Ladakh, reported Chinese government mouthpiece Global Times. The nationalistic tabloid reported that India had built defence fortifications and obstacles in the region to disrupt Chinese border defence troops’ normal patrol activities. According to the report, since early May, India has been crossing the boundary line in the Galwan Valley region and entering Chinese territory. Two Years After Indian Army-PLA Standoff at Doklam, China and Bhutan Close to Signing ‘Working Boundary’ Deal.

The Global Times reported that the region belongs to China. The report said that the actions by the Indian side had seriously violated China and India’s agreements on border issues and violated China’s territorial sovereignty. It further added that troops from both sides were in contact with each other in resolving the issue. In 1962 also, Indian and Chinese troops clashed in this region which triggered the war between the two countries. Chinese Choppers Spotted Near Ladakh LAC After Scuffle Between India, China Troops in North Sikkim, IAF Fighters Rushed in.

The latest round of dispute has come days after Indian and Chinese soldiers clashed in Nakula area of North Sikkim. In the clash soldiers of both sides sustained injuries. The face-off was resolved after the intervention and dialogue at the local level on both sides took place, Army sources said. After the clashes in Nakula area, China said that both the countries should uphold peace at border and work together in fighting COVID-19.