Home News Coronavirus Outbreak: Jordan announces round-the-clock curfew

Coronavirus Outbreak: Jordan announces round-the-clock curfew


Jordan has announced round the clock curfew in the kingdom barring people from moving except for emergencies amid coronavirus outbreak.

In a televised statement on Friday, government spokesman Amjad Adaileh said the curfew in the Middle Eastern country will start at 7 am (05:00 GMT) on Saturday and will remain in force until further notice.

The nationwide curfew orders by the government followed the declaration of a state of emergency earlier this week, with that the government has the sweeping powers to enforce an army-imposed curfew and other measures.

Jordan’s army has sealed off the capital Amman from the rest of the country and banned travel between provinces to put its 10 million people on lockdown, as part of the emergency measures.

Jordan has already closed land and sea borders with Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, and Israel.

According to the officials, there were nearly 5,000 people under quarantine in hotels in Amman and the Dead Sea area.