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Coronavirus ‘Positive’: From China’s Road to Recovery to Controlled Air Pollution, 8 Rays of Hope Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic


Coronavirus Outbreak | Representational Image (Photo Credits: IANS)

Ever since the first case of coronavirus (COVID-19) came up, there have been so many negative pieces of news weighing us down. Roads empty, people maintaining social distance(for good) are making us remember the time when we could just spend some time casually with our friends at random coffee shops, after hugging them real tight. We did take those moments for granted and here we are confined in our rooms with our laptops and mobile phones. Does that make us sad? Of course, it does. Does the affected people’s pain kill us from inside? No doubt about it. But it is also important to look at the positives, because trust us there are so many. Our mind is wired to worry more about the things we don’t want happening that we start ignoring the little rays of hope.

The current number of people tested positive for coronavirus all around the world is 339,459 as of March 23, 2020. The death rate has unfortunately reached to 14,704 but on a comparatively brighter side, the number of patients recovered is 99,014. And it does give us hope that we will fight this pandemic. Let’s take a look at some of the positive things that are happening around the world amid the coronavirus outbreak:

1. Norway PM Who Held a Press Conference For Children & All The Other Leaders Comforting Their People

At times like the COVID-19 outbreak, words really mean a lot. Just recently, Norway’s prime minister, Erna Solberg held a 30-minute press conference for kids to make them feel at ease. She comforted them saying that it is okay to be scared and things are soon going to be fine. Watch video:


2. China Is Recovering!

China’s Wuhan, the epicentre of this whole pandemic has worked hard and is on its way to greater recovery. Right from the time the first instance was reported on December 31, 2019, to the time the World Health Organization confirmed over 9,700 cases, COVID-19  had spread other countries. However, this week the Chinese National Health Commission reported no new domestic cases for the first time since the outbreak. Now that is some good news! In celebration, buildings were lit up with slogans for the medical staff who are working day and night to treating passengers. Pictures show buildings lit up thanking doctors, nurses and medical staff.

3. Researcher Says That ‘Antibodies From Recovered COVID Patients Could Help Protect People At Risk’

So many researchers are joining hands to fight the current situation. An immunologist from Johns Hopkins University, believes a vaccine being tested in Seattle that uses the method of using “Antibodies from recovered COVID patients” to protect people at risk. Coronavirus Vaccine: Scientists Identify 69 Drugs That ‘May be’ Effective in Treating COVID-19 Patients, List Here. 

4. Air Pollution Under Control

Call it a blessing in disguise but air pollution has significantly plummeted during the coronavirus lockdown and social distancing practises all over the world. According to reports, the satellites operated by NASA and its European counterparts found out that there has been a significant decrease in the toxic gases in the air after major businesses and factories are not operating. “This is the first time I have seen such a dramatic drop-off over such a wide area for a specific event,” Fei Liu, a NASA air quality researcher said to Washington Times.  Coronavirus Outbreak: China Pollution Levels Dropped During COVID-19 Shutdown, Show NASA And European Space Agency Satellites. 

5. Two Drugs Tested as Potential ‘Cures’ for the Virus

Australian researchers from the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research are studying two different medications that may help completely “cure” the disease. This is not it, all over the world research work towards coronavirus medication has surged,

6. Telecom Companies Waiving Late Fees

Apart from obviously the medical staff, policemen, supermarket staff, cleaning staff and all the other heroes of coronavirus pandemic, 200 telecommunication companies and internet services providers in the U.S. have promised to waive late fees. They also won’t terminate the service of customers who won’t be able to pay their bills due to issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

7. TV for free

Some of the TV providers of television programming are helping in their own unique way. While so many people are socially distancing themselves, these providers are making paid content available for free over the internet to keep Americans informed and entertained.

8. Thousands of People in India appreciated the Medical Professionals During the Janta Curfew

March 22, 2020, saw thousands of people in India observe the Janata Curfew in India, where people voluntarily stayed in throughout the day. However, 5 PM, residents from almost everywhere came out in their windows/balconies to clap, play utensils, conches to appreciate the efforts of hardworking medical professionals and other essential services staff. It was extremely euphoric and helped boost the morale of people. However, stupidity from Janata Curfew trended online covidiots gathering in large groups to clap and clank utensils for #ThaaliBajao. But the intention was to appreciate the real heroes. Also,  ‘Applause for Care’ Flash Mob in Amsterdam for Healthcare Professionals During Coronavirus Outbreak Wins Hearts on Twitter (Watch Viral Video).

Also, just to sneak in, WHO has your back if you are wondering what’s the right way to wash your hand during the pandemic. WHO suggests, “Hand hygiene, either with soap and water or with alcohol-based hand rub, is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading infections to others.” See it is not that difficult. WHO further says, “Indeed, hand hygiene is an easy, inexpensive, and effective mean to prevent the spread of germs and keep everyone healthy.” Take a look at the right way to wash your hands:

From musicians in London who are holding impromptu concerts outside the homes of self-isolating people to business persons all around the world who are rising above the profit to the profits of the greater good by doing things like giving free supplies and services, they are the real heroes. And it is important to appreciate each and every one of such people.