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Divorce Rate Increases in China as Couples Spend More Time Together at Home Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


Divorce rates increase in China (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Coronavirus in China has spread beyond borders and territories inciting fears on the lives of people. COVID-19 has globally killed 7,100 people and infected 182,000 people. While China, the country where it originated is the worst affected, there is another issue. According to several news reports, divorce rates have increased in the country as couples are spending more time with each other at homes as a part of self-isolation. Chinese marriage registry officials are saying that the divorce rate has spiked in the country as couples are spending more time during coronavirus self-isolation period. Coronavirus Outbreak: Tinder Cancels ‘Swipe Night’ International Launch Over COVID-19 Pandemic.

Several reports have quoted Lu Shijun, the manager of a marriage registry in Dazhou in Sichuan Province of south-western China as saying, “The divorce rate has soared compared to before. Young people are spending a lot of time at home. They tend to get into heated arguments because of something petty and rush into getting a divorce.” He said that since February 24, more than 300 couples have scheduled appointments to get a divorce. Coronavirus Makes Way Into Upper Ranks of Global Politicians: Here’s a List of World Leaders Who Have Tested Positive for COVID-19.

One district office received 14 requests in one day, highest in the list set by the local council, a registration officer told Global Times. All those arriving in Beijing have to undergo mandatory quarantine of 14 days. Other Chinese cities will also be adopting similar measures. Officials are working restart industries that are a part of the global supply chains. Countries including Spain, France and Italy have tightened controls as the COVID-19 death toll in European nations crossed 2,000. Europe is now the continent where the COVID-19 virus is spreading the fastest with Spain and France being worst-hit. The US has declared a state of emergency to help handle the outbreak.