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Donald Trump Shares Photoshopped Image of Nancy Pelosi Wearing Hijab, Draws Ire of Twitter Users


Donald Trump retweeted the offensive image | (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Washington, January 14: United States President Donald Trump drew the ire of social media users for retweeting a photoshopped image of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. The image shows Pelosi dressed in a hijab, whereas, Schumer has a turban on his head similar to the cleric-cum-politicians of Iran. US-Iran Tensions: American Lawmakers to Vote on Curbing Donald Trump’s War Powers, Says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Retaliating to Trump’s retweet, scores among the Twitterati marked their dissent. The President was accused of spreading racism and xenophobia by deriding the cultural and religious customs of Middle East. He was also questioned whether he would similarly ridicule a hijab-wearing woman of Saudi Arabia — a close ally of the United States.

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White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, on being asked by Fox News to explain why Trump had retweeted the offensive image, said he was not targeting any religion but only attempting to expose the Democrats for their support to “rogue Iranian regime”. Trump believes that the Democrats are “parroting Iranian talking points” and “almost taking the side of terrorists”, she was reported as saying.