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Excess intake of frozen food can increase many health hazards including heart attack, Know its 5 Side-Effects

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At present, people have less time and more work. Due to time constraints, people are unable to pay proper attention to their food. People have become so busy in their lives that they do not even get time to cook properly. Due to lack of time, people are increasingly using frozen and packed foods for cooking in haste. Frozen Foods are not considered healthier than fresh foods. Hydrogenated palm oil is used to keep these foods fresh for a long time, which contains harmful trans fat. In addition, corn syrup such as starch and glucose are added, which can prove very harmful for health. Let’s know what are the Side Effects of eating Frozen Foods.

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These harmful chemicals are used

To prevent spoilage of frozen and packed foods and to make them look attractive, chemicals like Blue-1 and Red-3 are used in it. These chemicals are harmful for the body. The use of these chemicals is completely banned in many countries. So if you also eat frozen foods, then be sure to check these chemicals on the packet.

Side-Effects on the Body of Frozen Foods

Risk of Diabetes

Starch is used to make frozen foods fresh. This starch makes the food fresh in appearance, as well as enhances the taste. To digest these foods, our body converts the starch present in food into sugar. In such a situation, the risk of diabetes is more due to increased sugar in the body. In addition, the starch also damages the body’s tissues.

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Risk of heart attack increases

Consumption of frozen foods also increases the risk of heart attack. Trans fats present in frozen and packed foods increase the risk of blocked arteries. These trans fats are more likely to increase cholesterol in the body. Along with this, it also reduces the level of good cholesterol, which is more likely to increase heart-related problems. These foods are also high in sodium, which increases the blood pressure of the body.

it destroy Nutrients from the Food

About 50 percent of the nutritious ingredients are destroyed by chemicals in frozen vegetables. Especially the vitamins B and C found in these vegetables are completely destroyed in the vegetables. With this, the taste of these vegetables also varies greatly.

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It can increase obesity

Frozen foods are high in fat. Fat has more calories than carbohydrates and protein. 250 grams of frozen chicken contains 600 calories and fat is also high. In this case, such fats can increase your body weight significantly.

Obesity Increase

Risk of Cancer

People who eat too much frozen foods are also significantly at risk of cancer. Several research has revealed that eating frozen meat greatly increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. In addition, eating frozen spicy non-veg and sauces increases the risk of cancer by 65 percent.

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