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Funny Valentine’s Day 2020 Memes and Jokes: From ‘Bulati Hai Magar Jane Ka Nahi’ to Oyo Rooms, Memes for Log Jo Single Hi Acche Hai


Funny Valentine’s Day Memes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020! The day of love birds is here. On February 14 you will see most couples doing the mushiest things that have ever been in the history of cheesy romance. But for singles or people who distance themselves from such lovey-dovey acts, it is a normal Friday where we are just going to enjoy poking fun at these people. One way to go has to be funny memes and jokes about Valentine’s day and there is a huge variety! Right from ‘Bulati Hai Magar Jane Ka Nahi’ to hilarious memes on Oyo Rooms for couples, so many different types of memes are going viral. Funny Promise Day Memes & Jokes: LOL at These Funny Posts, If You Still Haven’t Found a Partner Before Valentine’s Day. 

If you are wondering about this new ‘Bulati Hai Magar Jane Ka Nahi’trend, this kind of hilarious take has just grabbed headlines but has the most unexpected roots. So apparently, “Bulati Hai Magar Jane Ka Nai,” viral memes is connected to a famous Shayari by Dr Rahat Indori, an Urdu poet, painter and Bollywood lyricist. The full phrase says “Bulaati hai magar jaane ka nai, Ye duniya hai idhar jaane ka nai. Mere bete kisi se ishq kar magar, Hadd se guzar jaane ka nai.”. Like seriously, we are not even kidding. And it has now become the biggest meme trend right before Valentine’s day trend. Valentine’s Day Funny Memes and Jokes: From Bajrang Dal to Oyo Rooms for February 14 Memes, Check out Hilarious Posts, Especially If You Are Single.

Check out the best Valentine’s day memes there exist:




Pathetic level THIS


Funny Memes Like This

Bajrang Dal Memes Have To Be There

Can’t Even

Can’t Stop Laughing

Bajrang Dal Memes Are the Best

Ashish Chachlani Memes are The Best

All the singles in the house, make some noise (in the comment section)! Share with us any meme that we may have missed out. And until then, a very happy Valentine’s Day to you. Whether you are single, taken or just don’t care, enjoy the day because it is a Friday!