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Here’s All the Countries Where it Will be Visible And How to Watch Online


New Delhi: Some parts of the world will get to witness the solar eclipse this Sunday, as the sun turns into a ‘ring of fire’. Also Read – Solar Eclipse 2020: Myths And Rituals Abound When it Comes to Eclipses And Here Are Some

Known as annual solar eclipse, the event takes place when the moon is at its farthest point from the earth in its orbit and passes between the earth and the sun. In doing so, it partially covers the sun, but due to its small size, its outer orbit remains visible, thus making it look like a bright ring or the aforementioned ‘ring of fire’. Also Read – Is There A Connection Between Solar Eclipse and Coronavirus Outbreak? This Chennai Scientist Believes So!

The full eclipse will be visible to people in parts of China, Central African Republic, Congo, Ethiopia, India, and Pakistan. While the event will begin in Central Africa, parts of China will be the last areas to see it. In Central Africa it will be first visible at 4:47 AM local time and in China, will end at 8:32 AM. Also Read – Solar Eclipse 2020: All About The Annular Solar Eclipse That Will Take Place in June

Southern and eastern Europe and Australia, meanwhile, will witness the eclipse partially.

However, for any place where the eclipse won’t be visible, space enthusiasts can watch it online. Time and Date is running a live stream of the event on YouTube.

Notably, at the maximum point of the eclipse, 99.4% of the sun would be covered by the moon.

Next year’s annual solar eclipse will take place on June 10 and be visible in Canada, northern Europe, Russia and the Atlantic.