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How to Manage Stress With Fun? Ways to Manage Stress in Fun

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Stress has become a part of the lives of almost everyone these days. No matter the age, every single person has to deal with some kinds of stressful situations on a daily basis. The stress in adults may even lead to physical disorders like illnesses of the heart, anxiety, gastric dysfunctions, etc. Stress has also crept into the lives of younger people.

There are many ways to manage stress. One can not completely cut off from the world that we live in or ignore their responsibilities, but it is healthy for the mind and the body to take rest for short durations frequently between their busy schedules.

Some basic ways to manage and control stress may just be as simple as taking a short trip to a yoga retreat or a fancy resort on the outskirts of the city. Just putting in the time and effort to the intention of relaxing for just a weekend can work well in managing stress.

Here are some ways to manage stress and have fun at the same time:


Taking a trip to your favorite destination can not only be a stress buster and help to uplift the mood but can also bring in a whole new level of experiences and fun.

Places like Goa, Manali, Darjeeling, Munnar, Ooty, Pondicherry, and Shimla in India are some of the topmost tourist attractions for national as well as international people. They offer great packages and can be afforded on a budget too.

Apart from being some of the best scenic places to see, they also promote great cultural diversity and heritage of India to be experienced by everyone. Many cities have luxurious as well as inexpensive resorts and yoga retreats on the outskirts of the central city, away from the hustle and deep into nature.

One can simply opt for short weekend getaways with family, friends, or even solo to resorts and retreats to indulge in some peaceful spending of quality time, reading a book, sunbathing, learning yoga, or indulging in a spa or ayurvedic massages.


Most people, especially adults are occupied with work or personal responsibilities throughout the day. This is why most people fail in keeping up with hobbies that they used to have as kids. Taking some time out every day or simply on the weekends for doing something creative can allow one to have a free space of mind to relax, think, and express their creativity.

Activities like writing poems, writing stories, dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, painting, sketching, gardening, or even cooking are some of the ways that one can let their imagination flow and have fun with the power of their minds and the ability to think freely.

Many people take up gardening projects and take care of their plants. This not only uplifts their mood but can also provide fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits to be consumed by them.

Writing is one of the most healthy and therapeutic ways to express our emotions and feelings. It also helps one to think clearly and deal with the thoughts that may be restricting them to move on with their lives.

Dancing and singing can also help one to let their creativity loose and have fun with rhythms. These days, some people also opt for writing or dance therapies that are specifically designed for people to freely flow with their emotions and feelings, remove mental blockages, and reduce stress.

They also help people to express their feelings in a healthy way and this is very beneficial in the long run as people tend to develop serious mental illnesses due to old thoughts, traumas, or some painful experiences.


Playing games and running around freely as a child is a common memory of all adults. Playing games and sports can be a complete mood changer, no matter how old a person gets.

Indulging in sports and physical activities like swimming, cycling, football, basketball, rugby, cricket, badminton, skating, or any other sport that allows physical movement can help one be more present at the moment and have fun while playing.

Over time, it can also benefit the health of one’s physical body as well as the mental health as it promotes a sense of sportsmanship, complete indulgence in something that is fun and also allows people to channel their harsh emotions like anger and hurt in a healthy way.

If negative emotions like anger, hurt, or guilt are not released in a healthy fashion, they can cause serious cases of stress, hypertension, and anxiety in the future. 

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