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If you also do color in hair, then read the damage caused by it

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In today’s time, many people are doing hair coloring in their hair. If someone’s hair turns white, because of this, if someone gets it done, then someone gets it done as a fashion. But do you know that getting colored hair gives lot of beauty outside, but there is a lot of damage too. A large amount of chemicals are found in these color processes. Which can harm your hair as well as health. Let us tell you about the loss of color and how to keep hair healthy.

Disadvantages of Color

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  • Due to the chemical in the color, there may be an allergy on your skin. This can cause swelling, rashes, and irritation.
  • The color contains hydrogen peroxide, which is extremely harmful for your hair. This may cause hair breakage and weakening.
  • Ammonia is found very much in hair coloring products. It is harmful to your eyes, lungs and respiratory health. It can be very painful for people with asthma and breathing problems.

Here’s how to do hair care

By the way, by doing hair color, personality also emerges, but do not get hair color done very soon, at least after 3 to 4 months. If your hair is not very white then use mehndi instead of color and if it is too white then only use color. The color may be of good quality but it is always chemical.

  • Haircut should be done at an interval of 2 to 3 months. Even if you get a little trim from the bottom. By doing this, the hair looks thick and there are no bunches. Hair color remains and grows quickly.
  • Do not use the dryer too much. This causes the hair to become damaged and break.

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  • Massage well with coconut or almond oil once or twice a week. By doing this, there is good blood circulation in the head, which makes hair healthy. At the same time, the hairiness is also removed.
  • Hair should not be washed daily in winter. Hair becomes lifeless. Hair should be washed 2 or 3 times a week. If you have very oily hair, skip a day and shampoo. If you have curly hair, then use dry hair shampoo twice.
  • When you go outside during winter, keep the hair covered, because by doing this the hair will not become dry and will remain shiny. Apply sunshine there as well, but do not think that you have been sitting in the sun for many hours. This will cause hair damage.

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