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Janmashtami 2020 Special: How to Make Laddu Gopal Jhula? Why is Kanha Placed on Swing on Krishna Ashtami? Ways to Decorate Bal Gopal Jhula on Gokulashtami Puja


Janmashtami, also known as Krishna Ashtami is the birth anniversary of Shri Krishna, the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The celebration takes place at 12 o’clock at night when Kanha was born. One of the most important rituals on this day is to place Kanha in a swing or jhula. On this day Kanha was born to destroy iniquity. On this day home and temples are decorated with flowers and lights. Not only this, along with beautiful swings for Kanha, but new clothes are also worn on them. But there are many devotees who want to decorate Laddu Gopal at home. That is why we have brought some beautiful videos for them. With which he can easily make a swing for Bal Gopal at home. Many people bring swings made of gold-silver or plastic from the markets. But if you do not have a budget, then you can easily make it at home. Lord Krishna will surely be pleased to see this swing. You can make beautiful swing in this way using cardboard and cloth.

Why is Kanha Placed on Swing on Krishna Ashtami?

Those who observe fast on Janmashtami do some special method while worshipping Lord Krishna. One of these is to swing the Kanha on raising it. The question often arises in the minds of the people of New Generation that why is the idol or picture of Lord Krishna bent on the cradle of Janmashtami during worship? Actually, devotees associated with Krishnasrayi branch explain the answer to this question in many aspects. One of them is that Janmashtami is called Vratraj. That means, the chief among all the fasts. They say that Lord Krishna had shown most of the arts in the child life in the cradle. For this reason, it is tried in Janmashtami worship that there must be a cradle. The second aspect is that mother Yashoda used to keep Lord Krishna often, because of which she loves to raise. It is believed that during Janmashtami worship, if the devotees keep Nanda Gopal in the cradle, then all their wishes are fulfilled.

Ways To Decorate Janmashtami Jhula:

In Mathura and the surrounding areas, it is said that the affection of children increases when the Krishna Krishna is cradled. The reasoning behind this is that whenever mother Yashoda saw her Kanha lying in the cradle, she felt immense pleasure. It is believed that the same feeling that is felt during the swing of Nandagopal, whose positive effect is reflected in the love of mother-son-daughter as well.

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