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Johnson & Johnson vaccine disturbances, impact on 1.5 Cr dose: report

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In all countries of the world, the supply of the corona vaccine remains a major cause for concern. Meanwhile, there are reports that around 1.5 crore doses have been affected due to a glitch in the manufacturing of the Corona vaccine by pharma company Johnson & Johnson. Bloomberg has been informed about this by 2 people involved in vaccine production. However, the company has said that because of this, the supply of the vaccine will not be affected.

Defect in a batch of vaccine

According to the report, one and a half million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine are reported to be bad in a US plant. In a statement issued by Johnson & Johnson, one batch of the vaccine failed in the quality test.

Forma company officials found a batch of vaccines at the Baltimore plant operated by Emergent Biosolutions, which failed to meet the quality test and did not meet quality standards.

The news of the problem in the manufacture of vaccine in the plant was published by the New York Times on Wednesday. In the manufacturing plant, there was a mess in the manufacturing of the vaccine due to the fault of the workers.

The company will maintain and expand the plant

The has given this information to the US FDA. At the same time, the US FDA has confirmed that they are aware of this entire development. Because quality and security are his biggest priority.

At the same time, Johnson & Johnson is going to increase the number of officers in the emergency facility plant. Experts will be deployed at every site for manufacturing, technical and quality operation in the plant, so that necessary instructions and assistance in vaccine manufacturing can be provided.

After this incident came to light, the company has said that it will not affect the supply of the vaccine. They are committed to delivery of the Corona vaccine on time.