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Karva Chauth Mehndi Designs 2019: Here is The Best, Trending And Unique Henna Designs That You Can Try Out This Year


Karva Chauth, a festival celebrated by women all across the country where they keep a day-long fast and break it only after the moon is sighted. On this day, all the women apply mehendi or henna on their hands and they dress up like a newlywed bride. Women wear saree or lehenga and put vermillion and mangalsutra. Mehendi signifies the darker the colour of henna, the more they are loved by their husbands. Traditionally, the fast is kept by the women to pray for the longer life of their husband it signifies the bond of love and togetherness.

The whole day of celebrations includes application of mehendi, getting sargi from the mother-in-law, preparing Karva Chauth thalis for the special vrat katha and ending the fast with offering argha (water) to the moon and touching husband’s feet.

For the special occasion, we have listed out some of the best mehendi designs:

The festival begins early morning before the sunrise.

Karva Chauth puja muharat: From 5:50pm till 7:05 pm

Karva Chauth Upavasa time: From 6:28 am till 8:16 pm

The fast begins by eating sargi early morning and the women, who are keeping fast, can only eat and drink only after moon sighting.

The history behind Karva Chauth is about Rani Veervati. Karwa Chauth Story is about Rani Veervati. Veervati was the only sister of seven brothers. She spent her first Karwa Chauth at her parents’ house. She was waiting desperately for the moon to rise, seeing her hungry and thirsty, her seven brothers showed her a fake moon using a peepal tree and a mirror.

She thought that the moon has risen and broke her fast. The moment she ate, her husband died. Angry at all this, she compelled Goddess Shakti to appear in front of her. The Goddess explained to the naive woman what her brothers did. She then asked Veervati to complete her fast with devotion, which she did. The Yamraj was forced to return her husband back.

The song of Karva Chauth that is sung during the Karva Chauth katha is “Veero kudiye Karvara, Sarv suhagan Karvara, Aye katti naya teri naa, Kumbh chrakhra feri naa, Aar pair payeen naa, Ruthda maniyen naa, Suthra jagayeen naa, Ve veero kuriye Karvara, Ve sarv suhagan Karvara..”.