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Live in rural areas? So corona vaccine will be available after at least five years

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Work has been started to vaccinate coronavaccine to three crore people in the country. When this campaign started from 16 January 2021, everyone has one question in their mind, how long will they get the coronavaccine? If you look at the figures, it may take up to five years for every person in the country to get the Covid vaccine. This time will depend on many parameters, in which your age, state, priority and immunity level will be calculated.

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It is worth noting that currently two vaccines of Covid are available in the country, which are to be planted to about 130 crore people. According to data released by a group of researchers, it may take years before the serum institute Covishield and Covaxin reaches the common man. Currently, it is expected that during the next six months, serious patients, health workers and frontline workers will be vaccinated with the coronavaccine in every state.

According to media reports, the researchers said that vaccination of the entire population of the country is a completely different thing. If there is no change in the future, it may take about five years for herd immunity to develop.

Let me tell you that this time limit for Indians to be vaccinated by Corona has been told by molecular physicist Dominic Kajarnia, Dr. Alexandra Jajac and Indian researcher Farhan Khan. He designed a calculator for the vaccination line in India, based on which the time limit was stated.

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He told that in Maharashtra, Assam, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, in the next three to six years, the third group ie more than 50 years of age or less than 50 years of age, serious patients will get coronavaccine. According to the Vaccine Index, vaccination for the third group of people may take only five years. However, this time limit may also decrease if there is an increase in vaccination centers and the pace of vaccination increases.

Experts say that if we look at the rate of infection, the situation is constantly changing. Despite this, the time limit of vaccination will depend on the effect of corona in the country and the availability of vaccines. K Srinath Reddy, president of the Public Health Foundation of India, said that some vaccines are undergoing trials, which are expected to be ready in the next few months. He said that awareness of corona in rural areas of the country is very low. In such a situation, it may take a long time for the people of these areas to get vaccinated.