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Maria.B Never Enjoyed Fashion Weeks And Their Fakeness


Maria.B is a Pakistani clothing brand which was founded by Maria Butt. It is based in Lahore, Pakistan. With a design philosophy rooted in constant change, improvement and originality, the designer has already become a force to be reckoned with. One of the brightest fashion stars of the industry, she remains committed to bringing the very best to her customers without fail.


Many people in Pakistani fashion industry assume that these fashion weeks and ramp walks are the stepping stones that ultimately lead to fame and fortune but Maria.B indicates otherwise.


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“When I started out 21 years ago, there was a point when I felt very disheartened,” says Maria. “I felt that fashion critics were constantly overlooking my work and refusing to acknowledge me. It was also a tough time for me personally. I was a young mother and had just gone through a divorce. My mother told me back then that I had to focus just on what I loved to do and ignore everything else. That’s what I have done.”

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Maria stepped away from fashion weeks some years ago, doesn’t have much of an interest in getting mileage from critics and you’ll hardly ever see her at a major awards ceremony or a swinging, star-studded after-party. Her focus, instead, has been on building her customer-base and it has worked well for her.

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There are some 40 Maria B. stores across Pakistan right now. The label’s repertoire extends from multiple collections of unstitched suits to pret, formal-wear, bridal-wear priced lower than what most designers charge, accessories and a just-launched jewelry line. She’s just returned from a trip to Turkey, latching on to Pakistan’s Ertugrul fever by shooting with some of the stars from the show.

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Twenty-one years later, her mother’s sound advice has led Maria into becoming one of Pakistani fashion’s biggest success stories. In fact, for new designers hoping to make it big, there are facets to her career that can serve as a guidance manual on how to work the business of fashion. Many years of hard work have been invested into making the brand so popular. “I still create all the designs of my unstitched suits myself,” Maria added.

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She has opted out from the fashion weeks. She feels that she doesn’t need the media mileage of a fashion show now that customers are well-acquainted with her work. “I never enjoyed fashion weeks. I felt drained out by all the fakeness around me”, said Maria.

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“I feel no need to tell awards committees about how good my brand is, All I need to do is convince my customers” Maria points out.