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Maya Ali’s Response To All The Negative Comments


Maya Ali is on fire these days. She is surely busy packing ration for the needy families in these difficult times. Coronavirus is spreading rapidly all over the world and nobody can stop it. Scientists are trying hard to find the cure but unfortunately, they are not able to achieve their target. 

Like many other Pakistani celebrities, Maya Ali shared a video to motivate her fans and followers to keep themselves and their surroundings clean. She is trying to be a role model for her fans by wearing a mask, keeping the house clean, and washing hands properly. 


Maya Ali even tried to donate ration packs to all needy families. She even did a live chat with her fans to inspire them to help others. During live-chat a girl named Noor Ibrahim commented ‘Bhaar Ma Jao’ which was rude and mean. Addressing to her and all other negative comments on a video, Maya Ali said that in the time of crisis we need to stay united. Instead of spreading hate, we need to spread positivity.

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