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Muqaddar Episode-5 Review: Raima finds out that Sardar Saif is behind her kidnapping


Muqaddar the drama serial based on feudalism, airing on Geo Entertainment is another serial where aristocracies of a feudal are very artfully being portrayed. Faisal Qureshi is nailing his character as Sardar Saif. While Madiha Imam, Ali Ansari, and Haroon Shahid have also given performances that are also quite impressive.

The play begins when Raima is locked in a room, she has tried hard and cried the whole night calling for help but no one agrees to help her out. The servant women’s attitude was so strict, well the other girl seems kind but they are blindly following what they were told to and they are not ready to show any flexibility. It is reflecting that its 21st century and still people are acting like slaves and the aristocracies of feudalism are real and are still prevailing in our society.

The play is also highlighting the helplessness of poor or middle-class people. Haris is trying hard to find Raima, he has searched in hospitals and everywhere possible. When he is told about Sardar Saif, he becomes furious, his anger turns into helplessness when police refused to file an FIR against Sardar Saif the MNA. Initially, it is shown that Police are asking for a hefty amount for filing an FIR but then when they hear the name of Sardar Saif they clearly refuse to file any FIR against him.

Saif Sardar is so clever that he is being currently absent from the scene, he is in Dubai so no one can suspect him for Raima’s missing. Sardar Saif’s wife is worried about his whereabouts so she calls Saad who is always there to help her aunt but little he knows that his uncle has abducted his love. Abeera, on the other hand, is being infatuated by the actor Hasan Shirazi and she is now getting more disgusted to see Saad.

Raima, on the other hand, is dying inside to realize that what Haris and her Mamu Mami are going through, she is pleading the servant girl to let her call her Mamu but she says that she cannot help her as she has her limitations. Finally, the servant girl tells her that Saeen Sarkar has arrived and he wants to see her. Raima is shocked to see that the Saeen Sarkar is actually Sardar Saif!

In her wildest dreams, she has not imagined that the sophisticated Sardar Saif has such a dark side too! He is posing to be a gentleman but what he is actually the real Feudal! He says that he has taken her because she refused to accept his offer.

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