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Mushk Episode 12 Story Review – The Repercussions


Mushk continues to move forward at a steady pace. Tonight’s episode showed how the important decisions taken by some of the leading characters affected their lives and others around them. The way they went ahead with executing their plans, said a great deal about these characters. While all the other characters are smart enough to predict the results of their actions, Shayan continues to be the naïve coward who always ends up getting into trouble. Even when he thought that everything was under control he was shaking with fear and his body language suggested that he lacked confidence. I haven’t warmed up to Roshni and Saqib just yet. Their scenes were also meaningful and gave us reason to believe that Saqib indeed is in love with Roshni and this time around he has made up his mind. It would be interesting to watch how his khala adds to their story. Some of the dialogues today were more verbose than usual.

The best thing about Mushk so far is its unpredictability and how all the characters add something different to the story. None of the characters is just a side character, each one of them has some significance or the other. Qavi Khan’s character played an important role in saving Roshni and Saqib today. He also adds a spiritual element to the story which is perhaps Imran Ashraf’s way of sharing his own beliefs and ideas with the viewers. Qavi Khan was the perfect choice for playing this role since he makes this character meaningful yet light-hearted at the same time. You feel that this person is genuine and even though most of his dialogues have been deep and serious, he delivers them in a simple and playful manner.

Important Developments

Malik sahib ended up in the hospital after finding out what had actually happened. Once again he asked Adam to look for Roshni since he is the only one he trusts. I felt for Adam yet again tonight since everyone seems to be relying on him and there isn’t a single person he can share his own ordeal with. It won’t be wrong to say that Guddi is perhaps the only one who actually understands what Adam might be going through. The way she interrupted Mehak and Adam today suggested that she knows that Adam is not just a ‘friend’ who is helping Mehak out. Watching Mehak put someone else before Shayan was a pleasant change and it was also good to see her acknowledging the fact that she has been really selfish. This basically goes to show that the writer wanted to show her as someone who made quite a few selfish decisions in her life. She has not been shown as a victim but as someone who put her own happiness about that of her grandfather who trusted her.


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Guddi continued to enjoy the aftermath of everything she had managed to achieve! She is the smartest character in the drama who knows exactly what she wants. She also gets things done with the least bit of emotions involved. The preview of the next episode suggested that she will take her plan further quickly as the story progresses. Roshni and Saqib’s conversations gave a background to their love story for the first time. Saqib is not scared anymore and he wants a quick nikkah. They have managed to escape and it remains to be seen how loyal the khala is. If she also turns out to be greedy then the story might take a different turn.

Shayan’s track showed that he was not the only one who was naïve; Muqaddar Khan’s wife also had no idea that he exercised great control over the police. This was expected and it was frustrating to watch Shayan fail once again. All his plans reflect his lack of exposure. He is a simple man who would never be able to match his uncle’s cleverness. Even Saqib has more confidence than him. Mehak and Shayan have a lot in common as well! Both of them cannot take a stand for themselves and are usually relying on other people for support. Adam found out who Shayan was and perhaps soon enough he will also find out about the marriage plans.

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Favorite Scenes

There were a few scenes tonight that were more impactful than others. The scene at the train station showing why Qavi Khan’s character decided to help people he was meeting for the first time was beautifully written. It had such a positive message and Qavi Khan acted remarkably well. The scene in the hospital when Guddi enters and shares her impression about Mehak and Adam’s feelings at the time was beautifully penned down. Guddi always says whatever is on the viewer’s mind and also those things which are being shown in a subtle manner. Another scene that I really liked was the one showing how Adam felt when Mehak showed the slightest appreciation and acknowledgment of whatever he had done for her so far. It is almost as if this poor man is constantly looking towards Mehak for validation. He instantly told her that he had found out who Shayan was as if he wanted her to know that he had not let her down!

Final Remarks

In this latest episode Imran Ashraf, Urwa Hocane, Sehar Khan, and Ahson Talish’s performances stood out more than all the other. Some of the dialogues were penned down beautifully while others could have been less descriptive. Overall, I really like the pace of this drama and the kind of variety it offers. Every track has a conflict and each character has a different story. The fact that all these tracks are also interrelated makes it even more interesting. Mushk continues to be a drama with endless possibilities. The preview of the next episode was enticing. I am waiting to watch what Guddi has in store for us!

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