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National Bird Day 2020 Date: Know History and Significance of The Day Dedicated Towards Bird Welfare


National Bird Day (Photo Credits: File Image)

Happy National Bird Day 2020, friends! National Bird Day is an international event which is observed by many countries around the world, especially in the United States (US). The day is dedicated towards the welfare of birds, and to promote awareness on how much of an important role do they play in our ecosystem. We all love birds, but there are several aspects which need to be taken care of when we speak about birds, be it about their variety, extinction or the dangers they face in the current environmental scenario. If you are looking for more information on National Bird Day, then you have landed at the right place. Know more about National Bird Day, its date, significance and much more here. Interesting Facts about Some of the Most Beautiful Migratory Birds in the World (View Pics).

Date and History of National Bird Day

The National Bird Day 2020 is celebrated, mainly in the United States, on January 5 every year. The annual event is observed as a public holiday in the US. The National Bird Day was first celebrated in the year 1894, and since then January 4 is celebrated annually to highlight the contribution of birds in our ecosystem. However, official and grandeur celebrations started to take place in 2002.

Significance of National Bird Day

There are several activities that bird admirers do National Bird Day. From bird-watching to studying them, to educating others about them, people indulge in a lot of co-curricular activities. Not just that, several essay writing and photography competitions take place in schools and colleges across the nation. One important aspect of National Bird Day is of ‘Bird Adoption’. A lot of bird admirers celebrate by adopting birds on this day. They look forward to educating new bird owners about issues such as health, care, cleanliness, food habits etc. Pigeons Wearing Tiny Colourful Cowboy Hats Spotted in Las Vegas! Mystery Birds Are The Latest Internet Sensation (Watch Video).

Also, the National Bird Day discourages the culture of having birds as pets. On the contrary, they encourage people to support wild habitat conservation programmes. Not just that, the observance of this day is also used as a tool to promote rescue operations in sanctuaries and such welfare organisations.

Not many people know that over 12% of world species are near extinction. It is high time that we all do our bit in helping the cause of bird conservation. As January 4 nears, we wish you all a very ‘Happy National Bird Day 2020’.