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National Day of Listening 2020 Date, History and Significance: Here’s All About the Day After Thanksgiving That Encourages to Record Stories of Our Closed Ones

The United States of America is in a full festive mood this week. Thanksgiving 2020 is here, and the day after being thankful for even the smallest thing we have, it is time to record stories of families, friends and local communities. The National Day of Listening is an unofficial day of observance where Americans are encouraged to set aside some time and listen to the many stories of their near ones. Through the observation, people get to spend more time with their closed people and know more about their life. National Day of Listening 2020 is on November 27, and there is a lot you should know about the day. In this article, we bring you National Day of Listening 2020 date, history, significance and more that will help you to know more about the day that encourages everyone to record stories of their friends and families.

National Day of Listening 2020 Date

National Day of Listening is observed on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, when families are more likely to spend time together. It was first launched by the national oral history project StoryCorps in 2008. National Day of Listening 2020 is on November 27.

National Day of Listening: History and Significance

In 2008, when the day was first introduced, records suggest that thousands of Americans interviewed one another as part of the day, including the 43rd President of United States, George W Bush and his wife, Laura, who interviewed President Bush’s sister, Dorothy Bush Koch. Many other famous personalities also engaged in the event. There are no restrictions on who may conduct an interview as part of the National Day of Listening.

The day highlights the importance of listening and spending more time with your near ones. Have you ever wondered what your Grandma’s favourite memory is? What is the story behind your friend’s nickname? Now is the time to record and share stories and intensify your bond. National Day of Listening was proposed as an alternative to Black Friday—a day businesses see a high volume sale. But the observance for both the events continue on the same day keeping its significance in mind.

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