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National Family Health History Day 2020 Date, History & Significance: Know More About the Family Celebration Observed on Thanksgiving Day


It is Thanksgiving today but did you know along with that, National Family Health History Day is celebrated today aka on November 26 as well. The day may sound boring but it is extremely important and can make your life significantly better. While people on Thanksgiving come together for a sumptuous meal with turkey and casseroles, people also express gratitude and count blessings. However, on National Family Health History Day the idea is to bring everyone in your family together to discuss the family health history, specifically any occurrence of colorectal cancer. Not many families come together to discuss family history in terms of health and diseases BUT it is extremely important to do so. Healthcare providers encourage you to to share and care with your family filterless.

History And Significance of National Family Health History Day

The family health history can help your health care professionals care for you better and also work towards preparing you for an uncertain future. The day aims at bringing families together on the occasion of Thanksgiving for them to talk to each other about family health history as well to identify whether you have a higher risk for some diseases.  The day aims at decoding the health disorders that may have moved from one generation to the next.


Why is Family Health History Important?

It is very important to be transparent about everything that “run in” a family. A lot of diseases can be handled better if healthcare practitioners see it coming. Many health conditions can be passed down from a parent to a child like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke and even some type of cancers. Knowing what to probably expect, doctors can be better prepared to deal with your health and even the chances you have of developing the same conditions in the first place.

There are no foolproof treatments that can protect you from the genetic conditions, but certain lifestyle changes and early preparations can help you deal with any forthcoming uncertainties. Right from a healthy diet, exercising to abstinence from smoking and drinking, various measures can be put forth to help.



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