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Pictures Of Bilal Khan’s House


Bilal Khan suddenly became popular among the masses when his video of singing the “Bachana” song went viral while he was still in university, completing his education. Bilal Khan was admired and loved for his soulful voice, and a fresh voice that the Pakistani music industry needed. He became a famous figure between the youth of Pakistan because somehow his music resonated with the audience in their late teenage and early adult years. Bilal Khan then later released a studio-recorded version of the song that made him famous.

Bilal Khan instantly became a celebrity and every song he released was a success. The majority of his songs were given positive feedback. The “Lagne Laga” singer then went off the grid for a while and made his acting debut in the drama serial “Khamoshi” starring alongside Zara Noor Abbas. In addition to being a singer, Bilal Khan also started his own YouTube Channel and became a Vlogger as a means to connect with his fans in a more personal manner.

We have collected some photos of Bilal Khan’s house to see how he creates his music without the use of a recording studio.

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