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Public Criticism On Recent Pictures Of Saboor Aly


Sajal Aly’s sister Saboor Aly who is not less talented then her sister has worked in a number of dramas.

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Both Sajal and Saboor made their acting debuts together. After portraying supporting roles in several television series, Aly garnered recognition with a comic role in the sitcom Mr. Shamim She continued playing supporting roles and received praise for portraying emotionally intense characters in the dramas Rang Laaga, Bay Qasoor, Bhai and Visaal. Her debut film role in the 2016 romantic comedy Actor in Law earned her a Best Supporting Actress nomination at Lux Style Awards.

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It would be wrong if we say that Saboor is less popular or talented than her sister. Its true that Saboor doesn’t enjoy as much fandom as her sister but she isn’t less talented then Sajal.

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Sabaoor Aly has worked in many hit dramas. Her drama serial Tum Ho Wajha is currently airing on Hum Tv.

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Saboor Aly recently uploaded her latest pictures from a dinner. Saboor Aly looked gorgeous int he pictures.

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But keyboard warriors didn’t like her dressing at all and through comments they tried to educate her about proper dressing. Here we have gathered some comments. Let’s have a look:

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