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Ramadan Festival Origin Ramzan Fasting In The Islamic Month 2020


Ramadan Festival Origin Ramzan Fasting In The Islamic Month 2020: The Ramadan Islamic month calendar is based on the lunar Islamic calendar. This lunar Islamic calendar includes the moon phases and moon crescent. The lunar Islamic calendar based on the astronomical calculations of the moon phase and crescent. Different places have different time table of fasting. It is because of moon crescent. But the difference is one to two day normally. In the lunar Islamic calendar, full moon means the starting of the new month. Therefore it is easy to estimate the starting of the Ramadan Islamic month in every year. But this method is not authenticated in the starting after that Hadiths stating to recommend all for us. This variation of the day in the Islamic month has excited since the period of Prophet Mohammed. Happy Ramadan Kareem Mubarak Quotes

Ramadan Festival Origin 2020

The “night of power” is very popular among all Islamic peoples. The night of power is considered at the most power full and holy nights of the year. The night of power is that night where all Muslims believed that this night first revelation of the Quran sent to the Prophet Mohammed. He stating that night is the night of power that is better than the one thousand months for proper worship. This all things he stated in the chapter 97:3 in the Quran.

The night of power is also called Laylat al-Qadr. Some of the community believed that 23rd night of the Islamic month is the night of the Laylat al-Qadr. This community name is Dawoodi bohra Community.

Ramzan Fasting In The Islamic Month 2020

The end of the month of Ramadan Islamic month, Eid al-fitar festival is celebrated. This is also called the festival of breaking the fast. It is pointed to end of Ramadan month. Then it also marks the starting of the next lunar Islamic month. Then the first day of the new month considered as the new full moon beginning. This overall process is completed of full moon in 30 days. Shawwal is the first day that is called the Eid al-Fitar. This festival is celebrated all around the world with happiness. This festival celebrated after the Ramadan month.

The fasting shows the improvement, spiritual reflection and also increased the worship and devotion towards the Allah. All the Muslims put efforts to make the Islamic better. They teach Islam to other and put lot of effort to teach Islam. The fast is beginning when sunset arise and end at end of sunset. In the fast Muslims are refrained from the food and drinking liquid during the day time in the month.

Happy Ramadan 2020

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