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Reema Is a Friend of All – Here is WHY


Reema Khan is not a name, it’s the era; the era that has won the hearts of the Pakistani cinema lovers. No matter whoever you are and whatever you do, you will surely have a lot of respect and love for the veteran actress of Pakistan who has given magnificent performances to the film industry. She started her career from the popular movie Bulandi in 1990 and it’s about thirty years now but Reema has maintained her charisma.

Now that she is not seen much on-screen in movies for her family engagements, Reema still manages to be a part of the media industry by occasionally showing up on events and commercials. one wonderful thing about Reema is that she is friends with everyone in the field she has been affiliated to and all her fellow artists look forward to meeting and greet her.

Here are some of the precious moments of Reema with her fellows and friends from the industry.

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