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Safer Internet Day – Happy Safer Internet Day 2020 ( 11 February )





Safer Internet Day – Happy Safer Internet Day 2021 ( 9 February ).Today is Safer Internet Day, a worldwide event raising awareness about online safety to create a better internet. Safer Internet Day will be celebrated globally on the 11th Feb 2021. Together for a better internet. it provides the perfect opportunity to spark a conversation about the safe and responsible use of technology and to inspire our young people to create a better internet for the future. 

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When is the Safer Internet Day?

Happy Safer Internet Day. Tuesday, February  9 is Safer Internet Day in the United States. The people of this country are celebrating the day from midnight. Every year, the United States Celebrate this most inspiring celebration on February  11.

How to Celebrate Safer Internet Day 2021?

Today is Safer Internet Day. Have you been the victim of online hate? Do you know someone who is being targeted? Let’s make the internet a safe place for everyone. Never share personal information or bank details and report suspicious activity to us.


Safer Internet Day 2020 Wishes, Quotes, SMS:

  • Today & everyday parents, schools & students have a responsibility to promote safe & respectful relationships online & the positive use of digital technologies. Safer Internet Day – continue to play your part.
  • today is Safer Internet Day, helping to raise awareness & keep young people safe online.
  • Happy Safer Internet Day y’all! Remember to find that balance between being careful online and embracing the opportunities that the digital platform presents!
  • From cyberbullying to social networking, each year we aim to raise awareness of emerging online issues and raise a voice reflecting current social network concern. This Safer Internet Day, Kairos Marcom joins the efforts to create a better and safer internet.
  • Safer Internet Day is organized to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology, especially among children and young people. The theme of Safer Internet Day 2021 is “Together for a better internet”.
  • Today, we join in the celebration of the Safer Internet Day for Children in the country. With the theme, “Responsible gaming Internet, Sana all”, we encourage you to use the Internet in a safe and ethical way, inspiring our children to become responsible digital citizens