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Sarah Khan About Raising Her Children


Sarah Khan became a house hold name after her drama Sabaat started airing. Her furious acting and OTT dressing is making everyone going crazy after her.


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Sarah Khan tied the knot with singer Falak Shabir almost a month ago and we must say that was one of the most adorable weddings we have ever witnessed.

Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 11Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 11

The happiness on the faces of both Sarah and Falak made everyone happy.

Sweetest Rukhsati Moment From Sarah Khans Wedding 1Sweetest Rukhsati Moment From Sarah Khans Wedding 1

We are looking forward to more projects of Sarah Khan on television. Here we have an old video clip of Sarah Khan in from a morning show. When the host asked Sarah: “Don’t you wish that you have maids who take care of your children?”

Sara said:”No one will ever touch my children, because if my children will stay with maids they will adopt their habits. I will raise my children all by myself and make them humans of my desire. They can opt for the profession of their choice but I will raise them by myself”