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Scientists claim, sperm can be damage by coronavirus, try these 5 easy steps to increase fertility

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At least 7 percent of men suffer from infertility and 40–50 percent of male infertility cases out of total cases of infertility. This means that such a percentage of people are struggling with the problem of not having a child. However, there are many factors that can affect the functioning of the reproductive system. Now the coronavirus has also been added to these reasons.

Due to male infertility

Some common factors affecting fertility in males include erectile dysfunction, testosterone levels, sperm motility, sperm count, and libido. A new study has found that the coronavirus can affect sperm count and lead to infertility in men.

According to a TOI report, research published in the journal Reproduction found that coronavirus can increase sperm cell death, inflammation, and oxidative stress

According to experts, these effects improve over time but are abnormally high in corona patients. It is also said that disease severity is an important contributing factor in changing sperm health.

Some older studies have shown that corona infection can infect male reproductive organs, inhibit sperm cell growth and inhibit reproductive hormones. It was found that similar receptors used by the virus to reach lung tissue were found in the testicles.

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For the study, data from 84 healthy men suffering from corona at intervals of 10 days were compared to data from 105 healthy men. In corona patients, sperm cells act to increase inflammation and oxidative stress. It is a chemical imbalance that can damage DNA and proteins in the body.

Ways to increase sperm count

Balanced diet is important

A balanced diet is the key to a healthy and long life. A healthy diet can help maintain healthy sperm count. Eat foods rich in vitamin C, D and zinc to increase sperm count.

Do exercise

According to studies, men who are physically active have a sperm count higher than others, and quality also improves. Not being involved in physical activities negatively impacts fertility of men. Exercising regularly can help increase testosterone levels in men.

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avoid stress

Poor mental health can affect men’s sexual health. Prolonged stress conditions can result in loss of fertility in men. This can damage testosterone levels. Do things that help you release stress and make you feel happy and relaxed.


This herb is considered to be the treasure of Ayurveda. Studies have found that ashwagandha can help increase sperm count and testosterone levels in men, leading to increased fertility.

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Improve lifestyle

Poor sleep, alcohol and smoking intake can damage testosterone levels. Get enough sleep and do not consume smoking and alcohol to increase your fertility.

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