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Shaan Shahid Facing Barrage Of Criticism After Hateful Remarks On Ertugrul


Shaan Shaid never desisted from sharing his words against the broadcasting of Turkish series on our Nation Television.

shaan shahid

Here we must admire Shaan Shahid’s pluck, because Ertugrul has became the weak point of Pakistanis now a days and still he is speaking against it, without considering the consequences.

ShaanShahid PakMainstreamShaanShahid PakMainstream

It all started with a tweet of this girl Sadaf, who asked Shaan Shahid to learn the correct way of Ablution from Ertugrul.

Shaan came up with a reply and said that he learned Deen from his mother and these actors charges money for ablution.

Netizens are going mad over this statement of Shaan,

Shaan ShahidShaan Shahid

It is a patent fact that every actor gets paid for acting. There are no free lunches in business, but still they are delivering a good massage with meaningful content, we must appreciate it.

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Here we have gathered a few comments of people who are badly criticizing Shaan and calling him jealous.

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