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Spices help in cancer prevention, know what are the benefits and disadvantages


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Spices are widely used in Indian homes. Spicy food rich in antioxidants. It increases the taste of our food twice. But eating spicy food can cause harm to our body. Today we will tell you the advantages and risks of spicy food.

Improve metabolism

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The presence of antioxidants in Spicy is found, due to which the metabolism of our body improves. This helps us in weight loss, fat improvement and weight management improvement.

Help in the prevention of cancer

According to a research, it has been found that spices have an effect on cancer cells, eliminate or inhibit their growth. Spicy help slow or prevent cancer cells. In this way the risk of developing cancer is reduced.

Reduce muscle swelling

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Muscles usually have anti-inflammatory properties. In such a situation, spices are very beneficial in many health conditions such as headaches, autoimmune diseases, nausea and joint inflammation.

Help us live longer

According to a study by Harvard and the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regular and frequent intake of spices can help a person live longer.

Combat infection

Spices are a rich source of antioxidants and have antibacterial and antimicrobial quality. They can help in removing infection by eliminating disease causing bacteria in the body.

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Risk from spicy food

As we know everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Different people have different ability to eat spices. Despite the benefits of Spicy, spicy food also irritates some people. Although spicy foods promote healthy digestion, pre-existing digestive problems can also increase. Therefore it is advisable to always eat moderate food.

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