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World Hindi Day 2020: Theme, History, Facts, Significance, Quotes, SMS, Status & Images: The World Hindi Day is celebrated on 10 January, every year to spread the eminence of this great language. On this occurrence, Union Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) conduct various special events to blowout the greatness and immensity of the language through its missions out of the country.  Moreover, not only the MEA but also the Department of Official Language (Rajbhasha) organises a number of events to mark this special day.

(Hindi Diwas) World Hindi Day History

At first, the World Hindi Day was initially celebrated on 10th January 2006. It is an effort to present Hindi language as National Hindi Divas which is also being witnessed on 14 September every year.

The World Hindi Day was come into consideration as the promotion of the language at the worldwide stage. While, at the national level, National Hindi Divas is being celebrated around the country.

The National Hindi Divas mark the adaptation of Hindi written in Devanagari writing as the approved language of the Union on 14 September 1949 by the Constituent Assembly.

Interesting Facts about Hindi Language:

  • Hindi was adopted as official language of the Union in India by constituent assembly on 14th September 1949.
  • Hindi became the official language of India in 1965.
  • The initial form of the Hindi is considered as Apabhramsa.
  • The word ‘Hind’ means ‘the land of the Indus river’ and it got its name from the Persian.
  • Bihar in 1881 replaced Urdu with Hindi as the official state language. Thus, making Bihar as the first ever state in India to adopt Hindi as their official state language.
  • Hindi is also spoken other countries too, except India such as in Nepal, Thailand, Fiji, Pakistan, Suriname, Tobaya, and Guyana.
  • On our World Hindi Day we are going to tell you some interesting facts about our Hindi language which everyone should know and every Indian should feel proud of it.
  • Hindi is considered as the fourth most spoken language around the globe, covering about 500 million people to speak Hindi worldwide.
  • For the web, there is total number of seven languages used in making web address and Hindi is among one of them. Every single year the demand for Hindi content on the Internet is rising by 94 percent. Thus, you can estimate the popularity of Hindi
  • Talking about Hindi in international level, it is taught in 176 of the universities in the world, out of which 45 are in America itself.
  • In abroad, over 25 newspapers and magazines are published in Hindi every day in other countries.
  • In Hindi language, nouns have genders, might be masculine or feminine. Change in Hindi adjectives and verbs are as per to gender.
  • There are various English words which are basically of Hindi origin such as jungle, karma, Guru, yoga, bungalow, looting, thug, cheetah and avatar.