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These 10 cheap things to eat and drink can save you from many major diseases from head to feet

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Diet Tips to keep you healthy from most of the Diseases: It is important to take care of food and drink to live a healthy and long life. Due to poor food and drink, people often suffer from health disorders like fatigue, weakness, mental fatigue, disturbance of digestive system or blood loss etc. We are telling you about some foods that can keep you healthy and fit in this part of the race life.


Iron, copper, phosphorus and vitamin B found in Almonds act together. Therefore, almond helps the brain, heart and liver to function properly.

Black Pepper

Small-looking black pepper is also rich in medicinal properties. To remove weakness of the brain, mix 5-6 black pepper in 25 grams of butter and eat it daily. Anti-oxidant elements are also found in it.


Omega-3 fatty acids are found in walnuts

. Minerals like manganese, copper, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium are also found in it. Walnuts also help control inflammation, reduce weight, lower blood pressure, and provide you with antioxidants.


Anise is one of the spices used daily in the home. Make equal powder by mixing Anise and sugar candy. Take it after both meals, stress will be away.


Cinnamon is not just a hot spice, but also a medicine. Taking a pinch of cinnamon powder with honey regularly at night while sleeping, relieves stress.


It is called cheap cashew nut. Actually, it has many health related benefits as well as taste. Peanuts are used in many ways. Its oil is also very popular for taste and health. It is considered the cheapest botanical source of protein. Protein content is 1.3 times that of meat, 2.5 times that of egg and 8 times more than fruits.

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This causes probiotic bacteria. Due to which the digestion is fine and there is no problem of gas even after sitting. Bananas

have a high amount of potassium, which provides instant energy and does not cause fatigue while working on the computer.


It contains high amount of Vitamin C, which makes the immune system strong. Lemon can be used to eliminate stomach worms, to get relief from stomach ache, to increase appetite, to cure bile and Kaphaj disorders, as well as to get benefits in many diseases. Huh.


It contains more fiber, which increases the digestion and prevents the gas problem. It can also be used for healthy and white teeth. Apples remove the effect on the brain due to old age. Plenty of dietary fibers are found in apples, which are helpful in keeping the digestive system correct.


It is high in Vitamin A and protein content has many benefits. Teeth and bones need calcium. You get this by drinking milk. Adequate protein is available in milk. It also relieves constipation and dehydration.

Dark Chocolate

It contains antioxidants that increase the immunity of the body. According to a study, eating Dark Chocolate daily for two weeks reduces stress. Not only this, they are also beneficial in weight loss to diabetes.