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These 10 ways cancer patients can protect themselves during the Corona period


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Cancer is such a dangerous disease that becomes the second major cause of death worldwide. World Health Day is celebrated every year on 4 February with the aim of creating awareness among people against this deadly disease.

This year Cancer Day has come amid the corona virus pandemic which has killed millions of people so far. This virus, which affects the weak immune system the most, is even more dangerous for cancer patients because their immune system is already weak.


Keep these things in mind for cancer patients

1) Doctors say that people on chemotherapy should wait for the chemo to be completed and then get vaccinated by the doctor on the advice of the doctor.

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2) According to a report in the journal Lancet, cancer patients kept on avoiding surgery and chemo to avoid going to the hospital and waiting for the time of crisis to pass by eating medicines.

5) Patients on chemotherapy should wait to get the vaccine until the chemo is complete and get the vaccine vaccinated on the advice of the concerned doctor.

3) The risk of Covid infection is almost the same in a normal person and a person suffering from cancer, but the risk of getting serious after the infection is high in a cancer patient.

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4) They definitely need to take extra precautions. Similarly, patients should take special precautions while applying Covid-19 vaccine.

6) The immunity of patients undergoing treatment methods such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy is affected and the instructions for both doctors and patients are increased. Follow the rules related to Covid completely.

7) Consult a doctor if there is any kind of discomfort. Fear of infection may increase the risk of not going to hospital. In such a situation, it is important to follow the rules related to Covid and go to the hospital and complete the treatment on time.

8) It is not right to come to the hospital and delay the treatment of cancer because the more the treatment goes away, the more the severity of cancer will increase and the chances of getting cured will decrease.

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9) The immunity of cancer patients is comparatively low so they have a higher risk of serious infection of any infection along with Covid, but abandoning treatment due to fear of infection is not only bad but also very dangerous. .

10) patients need to take extra precautions with reference to Covid. They should take special care in following the necessary medical regulations and get vaccinated.

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