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These things present in the house help in fighting cold, know how to consume

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The winter season is on full flow. In this case, runny nose, sneezing or sore throat are all symptoms of a cold. A cold is caused by an infection occurring in our respiratory system. In us this infection is caused by virus. Due to which our immune system becomes weak. To avoid such a situation, we should take those foods in which the nutrients found in them eliminate those bacteria, viruses and germs. This keeps us from cold and cold. Here we will tell you about some foods that you will avoid from colds due to consumption.

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Honey is very beneficial for cold, runny nose and cough. The problem of cough is cured by eating honey mixed with ginger juice. If you wish, dip a finger in honey and lick it. Doing this 2-3 times in a day will also cure cough.


Ginger is considered very beneficial for health. Actually cut ginger into small pieces and add salt to it and eat it. This will open your throat and germs can be destroyed by salt.


Garlic is used to enhance flavor in vegetables. But let us tell you that frying garlic in ghee and eating it with lukewarm water gives relief from the problem of cold and cough.

chicken soup

Steaming chicken soup opens the closed nose and clears the throat congestion. Therefore, eating chicken soup in cold and is very beneficial.

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Yogurt is helpful in removing the problem of common cold. The intake of yogurt reduces the inflammatory markers in the blood which can help in fighting the symptoms of colds and colds.


Eating bananas increases our immunity, which is beneficial for cough and cold. Potassium is found in banana, which fulfills the lack of water in our body. Therefore, it should be consumed in cold.

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