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Twitter Labels Donald Trump’s Tweet of Edited Video of Toddlers Hugging as Manipulated Media, Netizens Have Mixed Reactions About This Move


Microblogging site Twitter is quite strict with its policies of usage and even if it means flagging US President Donald Trump for making errors in his tweets. After flagging his tweet last month for glorifying violence, his latest tweet showing a viral clip of two kids hugging each has been labelled as “manipulated media” by the company. Seeing this crackdown, netizens have mixed reactions, some are happy that Twitter is calling out to Trump, others feel it was unnecessary this time, as it was quite obvious that it was a fake and doctored tweet.

The video clip that Trump shared, it was a doctored clip to show a black kid running away from a white kid and a CNN chyron that reads, “Terrified Todler Runs From Racist Baby” (sic). The original clip was a video that went viral last year of two kids hugging each other in joy. The message at the end of Trump’s video read, “America is not the problem. Fake news is”. Now, this tweet was labelled as manipulative media by Twitter. Some users felt it was uncalled for, given that it was obvious that it was a doctored video. While others were just happy about Twitter targetting on US president once again. Donald Trump Lambasts Twitter, Says Micro-Blogging Site Doing Nothing About Lies, Propaganda by China.

Check Donald Trump’s Tweet Here:

The Tag is Hilarious

Twitter Fact-Checked a Meme!

Knew it was fake but loving it!

Twitter thinks we are stupid

It’s Funny!

Nice Move

Thank You, Twitter

This is the third time the microblogging company has dismissed Trump’s tweets for spreading misinformation. Last month, Twitter flagged his tweets with fact-check warnings. They also removed his tweet and said it violates its policies regarding the glorification of violence. Supporters of Trump called out on the ban of media altogether that passes on fake news, meanwhile, others thanked the app for this move.

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