Home News US diplomat tests positive for coronavirus symptoms in Islamabad

US diplomat tests positive for coronavirus symptoms in Islamabad


A US diplomat tested positive for coronavirus symptoms at the Islamabad airport on Saturday. It was revealed from the official documents by the health department.

According to the documents, the US diplomat had arrived in Islamabad from Doha.

According to the sources the US diplomat, instead of being shifted to a hospital, and had been moved to an isolation ward at the American Embassy.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, the Embassy of the United States in Pakistan confirmed that one of its employees in the federal capital was suspected of contracting the novel coronavirus.

US Embassy spokesperson in a statement released to the media on Saturday afternoon, said, “We are aware of reports of a COVID-19 case related to an Embassy Islamabad employee. Due to privacy concerns, we are not able to share additional information”.

The spokesperson added that the embassy was also aware of another report that another employee of the embassy, who arrived at Islamabad airport on Saturday morning, was showing signs of the illness. “That employee is currently being evaluated,” the spokesperson said.

“In coordination with Pakistani authorities, the Embassy in Islamabad is implementing all appropriate measures to help control the spread of COVID-19,” the spokesperson noted.