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What If You Are Looking Older Than Your Age

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Hairfall, wrinkled and dull skin, weak memory, dark circles, low walking speed, or less energy are all symptoms that make famous false saying, that ‘Age is just a number.’ Everyone wants to look like a fine wine. There is nothing wrong with wanting glistening, line-free, and smooth skin. You need to be more conscious about yourself.

In your 30s or 40s? This vexing question has led us to try every possible tips and trick to look young, a proper diet chart, anti-aging creams, hair fall rescue pills, exercises, and whatnot. It is high time to stop goofing around the random solutions for looking young and trying practical steps.

Everything from nails, hair color to fresh-looking skin, body texture, and posture matters in your appearance. Also, what is the best thing that suits your body that also makes a lot of difference? Looking a decade young needs useful tips and tricks to follow, that too in a proper sequence. 

Specialists, dermatologists, makeup-artists suggest the best ways to look younger. The need is to get aware of those steps. Below is the top-picked solution for the anti-aging process to get instant results. 

Get a line-free skin

Skin is the foremost thing that matters in looking younger. The wrinkles, dull-colored skin is the first noticeable thing anyone looks for, guessing a person’s age. So it becomes essential to look after it. 

One must check products they use for the skin like soap, anti-aging creams, moisturizers. The specialists should recommend it with surety. Moreover, the hair removing products used for your skin affects your skin tone. Waxing and shaving make dull, dark, and may create skin allergies. 

Dr. Lamees Hamden, founder, and CEO of Shiffa, says that Vitamin A derivatives in some sort every night (he firmly believed in night time rather than daytime) are best for healthy skin cell production and smooth skin, and even out discoloration. 

Mangoes are the most efficient fruit loaded with beta-carotene, which helps skin repair itself, delay the appearance of wrinkles, and keep it smooth. 

Alternatives to these are sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe, and apricots. 

Proper sleeping habits are also one of the ways to have healthy skin.

Look after your face’s details

The face has fine details that add to look young. It needs cosmetic treatment to look after the details. Anyone can get at home ipl laser for a youthful appearance at home. 

On growing, old dark circles pop up on the face. An appropriate concealer you must use to carry white-toned circles under your eyes. Maulawizada says that “Camouflage” is a dryer form of concealer that takes years off the face. A jet black eyeliner, volumizing mascara, soft shadowed liners on lower lash lines, bolder eyebrows will make beautiful eyes. A lipgloss and litter glimmer with any lipstick shade and smile and swoosh technique for blushes will add up to an elegant look for your face.

Swap your sunglasses with oversize frames that give your eyes more protection. Avoid excess sun rays with a hat or scarf on your face. One of the evergreen tips to look younger is smiling. It is the most effective and natural way for fresh skin. 

Embrace your hairs

Growing age turns your hair grey. It is beautiful the way they are, and especially the deep grey is the best. If it is yellowing grey, use any shampoo with blue and violet undertones to neutralize undertones. Avoid using shiners or glitters unless you are sure about the results. 

Hairs are better when flaunted with the best styles. Carry one of the trending styles, which for this year is possible to be bangs. More specifically, long bangs. It hides the fine lines and wrinkles. Bangs in the layers give movement and texture to your hairs. It should be styled to soften the facial expressions and provide a delicate accent to the eyes. 

Exercise to reverse age

Exercise is the fountain of youth. Research showed that regular exercise has a drastic impact on physical and mental health, leading to shaving years off from your age. Regular exercise has a robust effect on the strong muscles’ bodybuilding to ward off chronicle-illness and fit in your decade-old dresses. You can not peel off chronologically, but exercise improves your health to the extent that it makes you look and feel younger.

A routine of exercise adds zing to the body. A sweat session increases the blood flow all over your body, sends more oxygen, and eliminates wastes that ultimately keeps the skin cells vital and healthy. Sweating opens the pores and releases build up inside them. It expels the toxins out that would otherwise clog up the pores that cause blemishes. 

Weight lifting or aerobic exercises rebuild the muscles and prevent bone loss. It ensures the perfect postures of the body at a certain age. Yoga and Pilates are highly effective ways to keep your body flexible as we age.

Exercise boosts your mood. It gives you confidence and happier. A heart-pumping exercise tires you out and becomes easy to fall asleep. It further results in glowing and soft skin. Overall, exercise is the best and natural way to look younger than the age. 

Make your brain fit for any age 

It is not just about looking younger. Being younger than your age, one has to be young by mind also. Aging results in forgetfulness. Several studies show that aerobics increases the hippocampus’s size, which is the brain’s portion responsible for memory and learning. Getting on the treadmill often makes it easy to continue learning and maintain sharp mental health over the years.

All types of exercise have a powerful impact on brain cells’ health and help the brain grow new blood vessels.As the age grows, it often leads to heart diseases such as high blood pressure and high triglycerides. The solution to these problems is also exercising, which improves the HDL levels. It protects your heart from cardiovascular disease.  

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Eat to stay young

Irrelevant eating habits smack directly on your growing age. It lowers energy levels, increases belly fats. Looking after the diet is a must in your increasing age. One must intake all the necessary nutrients and vitamins to stay energetic and fresh.

Specific fruits containing anti-aging properties have antioxidants and reduce oxidative stress, including blueberries, blackberries, tart cherries, apples, grapes, pomegranate, and mangoes, etc. Seafood, nuts, and whole grains and probiotics, all contribute to removing your aging disorders. 

Hydrating is the easiest way to release pounds without even trying. Drink before you are thirsty. It keeps the body younger.


Birthdays are not in your control, but to keep oneself young by body and mind is surely in your hands. One must consider the easiest and excellent tips mentioned above that make you look and feel young. 

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