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Why People are Addicted to Online Food Ordering?

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With the conceptualization of producing fast food faster, the online food ordering system is expecting a drastic jump up over the next two years.

Cities like London, Liverpool, and Birmingham have witnessed a substantial profundity of food through online vehicles. Online food delivery players like Just Eat, Hungry House, and Uber Eats has seen more than a 45% growth in the last two years.

Even before the global pandemic, it was crystal clear that a majority of people prefer to order food online than dinings at a restaurant. According to the National Restaurant Association, in 2020 off-premises dining made up about 65% of all restaurant revenues.

Is this indicates that online food ordering became the next addiction?

Well, Yes!

For instance, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you have craving for some delicious hot-piping food?

Usually, most people don’t think twice if they have a craving for something delicious or staving from hunger while ordering food online. This is the major reason why the restaurant’s online food ordering system is recognised and recommended globally and the online food industry now has worth billions of dollars in just two or three years.

Do you know people usually say that there are two types of people in this world?

The ones who live to eat, and the ones who eat to live.

It doesn’t matter in which category is your target audience is, with the effective use of your online ordering system you can drive traffic from both categories.

The online food industry is moving forward with the help of various factors such as greater awareness about the current trends, higher expendable income along with deeper knowledge about the latest and advanced technologies, availability of multiple payment options, 24/7 convenient service hours, and dynamic lifestyle is come up with online food ordering business.

The global pandemic seems to help the online food trend. As the weeks pass, more people are choosing online food ordering than dining at restaurants, according to a recent study by food media. The market research firms examine that people reporting more use of contactless food delivery services since the Coronavirus pandemic began.

At the same time, the online ordering platform Deliveroo reported 25% more daily orders in May than in the same month last two years, with an enlarging of the food business in the major cities of the UK, outperforming its growth in the first quarter as the global pandemic begins.

According to USB, the quick change from kitchen to online food ordering is on the hike because of the growing needs of buyers who want each and everything in a hassle-free and convenient manner. And that’s why the reports from USB suggest that the online food ordering domain will be a USD 300 billion industry by the end of 2025.

Let’s check out the major reasons why people prefer online food ordering to eat out

Not all knights wear armour! Some ring your doorbell with your favourite and delicious food.

1. The availability of a wide range of food items

One of the main advantages of a restaurant’s online food delivery app is the wide range of options it provides. From Pizza to Shepherd’s Pie you will get each and everything within just a few clicks. The plethora of food choices that people can get online within seconds can never be the same on the physical menu of any of the restaurants out there. Having a lot of options is always great.

For instance, Baskin Robbins is renowned for its 31 different flavour of ice cream it offers during its starting period. The number 31 exemplifies that one flavour for each day for a month, and this out of the box approach made Baskin Robbins a world-famous brand and now established globally and introduced more than 1000 flavours till today. The same logic is applicable in online orderings systems also. With its wide array of options, it tempts people to try and discover new flavours and experiences.

The aim of this latest method of multiple-choice should not be to control customers into making choices that aren’t right for them, but rather to cooperate in a way that comforts both the customer and the marketer. Assemble your special offers so that buyers better acknowledge their options. Also, introducing more complex choices encourages consumers to buy customised meal or family packages.

2. Utmost convenience

Conventionally, for ordering food people need to make calls or even drive to the nearest restaurants for a take-out, then sometimes wait for a long time for the food to be prepared and delivered. Sometimes, the worst part of placing an order through a call is that you order for something and you will get something else because there are high chances of miscommunication and human errors.

Clearly, all these point out that all the above methods are not enough especially for a customer- centric business like restaurants we need more methods and advanced strategies for providing better customer satisfaction, because the customer is the king.

But thanks to online food ordering systems.

Restauranteurs can launch a website or an app or both, which can make the whole anarchic process easier and convenient for customers, and at the same time, marketers can streamline restaurant operations. Having online food ordering apps can make your day-to-day tasks more proficient for your restaurant. On the other hand, when a customer places an order online from your restaurant, they will invest their time in searching on the menu and get familiar with add-on deals, meal subscriptions, and special offers that your restaurant must be offering. This can helps in the enormous enrichment in the total sale value per order.

3. Real-time updates

Real-time updates in online ordering apps can enhance user engagement as they work on imitating the behaviour of the real-world. The technology permits users to associate with the marketer of another device in a way that seems normal for the real-world.

The real-time feeds like order details, details regarding the delivery person, approximate delivery time, delivery person’s health status (temperature check due to Covid 19 pandemic) are highly beneficial for customers. Also, customers will regularly get updates that you add to your application. Also, they don’t miss out on any important feed about offers and loyalty programs.

Nowadays, people want everything quickly, even with fast delivery they also want fast real-time talk with the service provider. Most customers never encourage waiting, and which is possible in online food delivering apps with the real-time messaging imperative feature. It is because of this demand that restaurant online food apps are concentrating on merging real-time messaging, which structures the backbone of texting in applications.

Customers can track the current position and status of the order and contact the delivery person or with the service providers over the same app. This additional feature generates greater user engagement and secures the business.

4. Ratings and Reviews

Customers might be confused while picking a new restaurant in a locality for dining or takeaway since they have no idea about the quality, taste, price, and service. However, this is entirely different when you choose an online ordering platform over dining out from a new restaurant. As a restaurant owner, customer feedback mainly online reviews of your restaurant business is truly important because most people use public reviews rather than food critics while choosing a restaurant.

A recent survey by the National food association says that 66% of customers look for online platforms for checking reviews before booking a reservation for dining. In fact, experts even commented that most people won’t eat at a place with a 3-stars and below rating. Here customers get a chance to compare and contracts between different platforms and find out the best restaurant takeaway or dining area depends on genuine reviews and ratings.

Now, most of the restaurant food ordering system also provides reviews from business listings websites to show the genuity and credibility of the customer feedbacks. Even restauranteur use takeaways and restaurant software to reach out the loyal buyers and try to create a good relationship with them in order for maintaining good reviews and ratings.

5. Discounts and Offers

Providing discounts on purchases is the best way used by most restaurant owners to drive more people to their business. Anytime if you run an offer campaign runs about a free meal or money saving options, you’re likely to get their attention rapidly. Restaurant online ordering system helps as the best tool in customizing discount offers and loyalty programs based on each customer.