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Wishes, Messages And Greetings to Share on the Day of Celebrating the Power of Wind Energy

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Global Wind Day or World Wind Day is a worldwide event observed annually on June 15. The day is organized by WindEurope and Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) to highlight the Importance of wind. Various events are hosted every year to create awareness about this non-polluting and renewable source of energy. As we celebrate Global Wind Day 2021, here we bring to you Quotes, Facebook Greetings, HD images, and WhatsApp Messages to help you, with the use of all these, you can aware your friends, and loved ones to celebrate Wind Energy. The day highlights the beauty and Wind Energy, how it can reshape our Environment systems etc. Today, wind energy is the mainstream technology which is one of the fastest-growing industrial sectors in the world with $125 Billion Market Size. Meanwhile, here is Global Wind Day or World Wind Day HD Images, Quotes, Messages, Wishes and Greetings to share with your loved ones.

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Global Wind Day aims to educate both Youths and Adults about the power wind energy, its harms and its benefits. The day creates awareness about how cost-efficient it is when compared to its alternates. It is one of the cleanest, cheaper and renewable sources of energy.

Global Wind Day Wishes and HD Images

Global Wind Day 2021 HD Images

“Wind Is God’s Way of Balancing Heat. Wind Is the Way You Shift Heat From Areas Where It’s Hotter to Areas Where It’s Cooler. That’s What Wind Is.

“The Fuel in the Earth Will Be Exhausted in a Thousand or More Years, and Its Mineral Wealth, but Man Will Find Substitutes for These in the Winds, the Waves, the Sun’s Heat, and So Forth.” — John Burroughs

World Wind Day Messages and Greetings

“Wind Is the Most Skilled Hairdresser! Find a Windy Weather and Let Your Hair Be Shaped Creatively!” ― Mehmet Murat Ildan

In 2018, WindEurope and GWEC launched a global photo competition to capture the power of the wind. In 2019 they launched the international photo competition ‘Future Wind’ and received over 600 photos from more than 50 countries. The day highlights the importance of wind and how it can give better solutions to our issues relating to energy. In 2011, various events were organized in 30 countries on Global Wind Day including campaigns, demonstration turbines being set up in cities, wind workshops, wind parades and a lot more. In 2012,  around 250 events around the globe and a very popular photo competition. Happy Global Wind Day everyone!