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World Lewis Day 2020 Date And Significance: Koalas Affected in Australian Bushfires Are Talked About On This Important Awareness Day (Watch Video)

World Lewis Day is observed on November 26 to raise awareness about hundreds of koalas who have died or been displaced due to the recent Australian bushfires. The observance encourages people to donate towards koala care centres and work in helping them. It urges people to donate towards the Australian Koala Foundation, an international non-profit scientific organisation that aims to lessen the threats to the survival of koalas and raise the awareness to help them. Baby Koala Rescued From Australian Bushfire Seeks Comfort in Grey Teddy Bear After Losing Mother (Watch Emotional Video)

The day is known as World Lewis Day after Ellenborough Lewis, the koala which died due to injuries from burning in the bushfire lat year. Pictures and videos of Lewis being rescued from massive wildfires in New South Wales and rushed to the hospital, had gone viral. However, the marsupial had to be put down as it had sustained burns too bad to recover from.

Lewis, the Koala Being Rescued From Australia Bushfire:

The day also acknowledges a beautiful act of kindness. Toni Doherty, an Australian grandmother used her shirt to rescue Lewis, who had climbed up a tree to escape the flames. Toni put herself in danger to save the life of a small creature. The rescue video had gone viral across multiple social media platforms. Her gesture inspired many to support local wildlife and extend a helping hand to those in need.

Lewis’ story encouraged people to donate to koala foundations thus equipping them to save more animals. If you live in a place where koalas are found, then plant eucalyptus in your yard which they feed upon. The recent bushfires in Australia burned homes of hundreds of these animals. If you reside in Australia, then you can take an initiative to help locate koalas which would have been injured in their fire and take them to the nearest animal hospital.

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