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World Poetry Day 2020: Tips on How to Write a Poem for Beginners


Writing poetry (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

An avid reader or not, at one point all of us have read poetries. May be for academics or now scrolling through verses on social media, good words can always comfort the reader. Poetry as a form of literature is a brilliant way of expressing ideas through distinctive styles. And honouring the very idea of how poetry communicates some people, a World Poetry Day is marked on March 21 every year. It is a day that celebrates one of humanity’s most treasured forms of cultural and linguistic expression and identity. World Poetry Day is an occasion to honour poets, revive traditions of poetry recitals, promote reading, writing and teaching of poetry, make it more visible in the media. If you also have always felt like penning down a few lines but don’t know how or where to begin, we give you some tips that might help. Given below are some tips for beginners to make an attempt at writing poetry. In Age of Modern Romance, These Beautiful Shayaris By Mirza Ghalib Will Make You Fall In Love… With Good Writing.

  1. Decide Upon a Concept: Think about a subject on what you would want to write. Don’t go for something complex but it could be something very basic, like rain.
  2. Don’t Use Big Words: Leave behind the idea that you need to use bigger and complex words to make your poem good. At times in the craze of using bigger synonyms, you could lose out on the meaning.
  3. Use Rhymes: Since it is the first time you’d be writing, make it readable by using rhyming words. Poetry need not have rhymes everywhere, but as a beginner, it just makes it easier to frame sentences, when you know what word you have to use as a rhyme.
  4. Create Imagery: Use words that would create imagery in front of the reader. If you are writing about love, mention things that most lovers can relate to. If you are writing on nature, describe in a way that it paints a picture. When you build imagery, it makes your piece more appealing.
  5. Avoid Clichés: Clichés are overused references, which restrict the original ideas. When you use a very common phrase, repetitive words, it takes away your way of communicating an original thought. An example of cliché could be “time flies”, “opposites attract”, “read between the lines.”
  6. Keep it concise: You can go on writing words after words, but you need to keep it short and in format. Do not go on writing a long poem as your idea tends to get lost somewhere towards the end. So keep it concise, at least at the start.
  7. Keep Practicing: This goes on for almost every art. Poetry or painting, one needs to keep practising to get it right. So even if your first few attempts are unimpressive, keep writing.

These are some of the things one should keep in mind while writing a poem. Keep reading a lot of poems to get an idea about framing one. Poetry is a wonderful form of communication and it is an art in itself to write one. On this Poetry Day 2020, do make an attempt to pen a few lines and start with art of communication and expressing.