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Yellow-yellow bananas will remain fresh for 1 week, just have to store like this

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Bananas are available for twelve months in winter or summer markets. Along with eating, it is also a wonderful fruit for health. Along with increasing the energy level, banana get many nutrients like vitamins, iron and fiber. But every time he brings banana from the market, he starts to turn black in 1-2 days and we have to throw it even if he does not want to. This is also because chemical banana are also available in the market. We should avoid buying these. So let us tell you today how banana you should buy and how to keep them fresh for 1 week…

Banana is one of the fruits that spoils most quickly. If it is not kept correctly then it starts to turn black in 1 night. For this reason many people buy raw bananas to keep banana fresh for a long time.

Before buying bananas, first of all make sure that we should always buy yellow colored This fruit. We should avoid buying light green and spotted bananas. One should always buy big and long This fruit because the small size bananas are raw from inside.

After bringing bananas from the market, first of all you put a little soda in the water and leave the banana in it for a while. This soda acts as a preservative for banana and bananas do not spoil quickly.

Please tell that bananas are ripened with their own ethylene gas. This gas comes out of the banana stalk, so if you want the banana not to ripen quickly, cover the stalk above it with plastic wrap or hang it in the banana hanger. This will not spoil them for long.

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Often we put all the fruits together in a fruit basket. By doing this, bananas spoil quickly and also eliminate the freshness of other fruits.

You can also use vitamin C tablets to keep bananas fresh. For this, dissolve vitamin C tablets in water and soak banana in it. After that, take it out and place it on the room temperature.

Conversely, if you want to cook raw banana, then keep it in a paper bag. By doing this, banana ripen quickly. Apart from this, bananas can also be cooked by keeping them in closed microwave or in a warm place.

Many times people keep bananas in the fridge. But it is not right to do so. Keeping it in the refrigerator, it starts to blacken from above and becomes flabby inside. Explain that an enzyme called oxidase is produced in it, which makes its color black.